Biometrics in Security Safes: Which Among Them Is The Best?

Biometrics made security products even more exciting. At the moment, these 15 models made our list of the best when it comes to such technology.

What You Need To Know

Biometrics is the latest, next-gen upgrade for gun safes. Such a development translates to a higher price for each of these biometrics enabled security storage. In the end you get why you pay for, however. The term "biometric" refers to the verification by which you, as the user of the product may be uniquely identified by evaluating one or more of your distinguishing biological traits. With biometric gun safes instead of keys or dials, Personal Identification Number keypads (or "PIN"), these safes has biometric readers that you use to access the contents of the safe. Typically, biometric safes employs fingerprint reading technology to make access to your safe more secure.

This technology makes access to your guns during emergency even quicker. There's no need for you to memorize codes or the place where you kept the keys. However, biometric gun safes also have features common to other gun safes. A number of gun safes would indicate what to expect when it concerns to its anti-theft features, fire-proofing, water-proofing, and more. There is also what we call the false acceptance rate and the false rejection rate when we refer to biometric safe. These are called FAR and FRR respectively. FAR refers to the number unauthorized entries, while FRR, on the other hand identifies the occurrences someone is given access, if that person has been previously denied access to the safe. Here we recognize the best among the brands and models that have use this technology in their security and protection safes.

PS-15-20-B by Stack On is a super-sized safe designed to function with a biometric lock. It is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device and meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 which makes it a worry free safe to bring along. Its programmable biometric lock can store up to 32 different fingerprints. This provides greater security and quicker access to your valuables, should you finally decide to invest on this safe. Access to the content of this safe is also granted with an electronic lock and a hidden backup key that come with the package.

The safe is made out of solid steel and a pry resistant door that has concealed hinges and two steel live action locking bolts. These construction make it quite difficult for anyone else other than those you have granted access to the safe to pry open the safe. Inside the safe, you will find two adjustable removable shelves. It is designed with foam paddings in the bottom as well as its shelves to retain your guns’ scratched free surface and to reduce the possible noise access to the guns can make. It has exterior dimensions (W x D x H) of 13.88 x 12.24 x 19.76” (353 x 311 x 502 mm), and interior dimensions (W x D x H) of 13.63 x 9.80 x 19.53” (346 x 249 x 496 mm), and weighs 42 lbs. It also comes with all mounting hardware you can use to securely install the safe in the wall or on the floor.

The AX11652 Biometric Rifle Safe by Barska is designed to secure up to 4 rifles. It is a front-opening biometric rifle safe that can be mounted on the wall or floor. Its door is kept secured by a three-point deadlocking system that opens within three seconds upon scanning your fingerprint. The safe can be accessed either with through is biometric scanner or with one of the two override keys that come with the package. Its fingerprint reader can store up to 120 fingerprints. When its door opens the safe beeps. This alarm can be disabled, however, to allow you to access the safe in stealth mode. Each purchase also comes with an emergency back-up battery pack. Inside the safe is a four position rest that allows you to keep your rifles or shotguns upright and organize them neatly inside the safe. A small shelf is also fitted inside the safe where you can place ammo and spare magazines.

The Barka AX11652 Biometric Rifle Safe is made out of 2mm steel and is nicely finished in a matte black color coating. You can mount the safe for a more secure storage through the pre-drilled mounting holes and with a set of mounting bolts that come with each purchase. The four AA batteries that operate the fingerprint reader can run up to about a year. Its external dimensions are 8.6? x 9.8? x 52.17? (LxWxH), while its interior dimensions are 6.3? x 9.7? x 52?, and weighs 66 Pounds. Each purchase is backed with one year limited warranty. It is a California Dept. of Justice approved security safe, so you won’t need to worry if you decide to have it with you while on the move.

As the number of available safe brands relying on technology upgrades to provide a more secure storage for their customers' valuables, it will be difficult to decide would be the greatest deal and provide the best value for your money. Fortunately, you can depend on reliable reviews like what you are reading right now to provide you with accurate details of the top biometric safes you can choose from. This lessens the guessing time and limits your choices to only the best safe that had been proven by many others like you. These brands set the standard when it comes to biometric safes so any of these will just do as you expect them to do. Like GunBox Biometric Hand Gun Safe that offers the most benefits when it comes to safety for your hand guns and other valuables.

If you consider yourself a responsible gun owner, you need to make sure that you won't let your firearms go to the wrong hands. To do that, you need to ensure that your pistols are kept discreetly in a secure storage and only you have access to it. If you are still looking for the best storage for your guns and other valuables, consider the benefits that you can get with a purchase of Barska Biometric safe. Barska safes are great storage for a good number of guns and are made available at affordable prices, and are also made handy, so you can carry each of these reliable safes wherever you may be.

One of among the number of Barska products is the compact Barska Biometric Safe that uses electronic scanning device installed in the safe to allow users access to its contents. Its fingerprint pad provides easy and secure access. It also allows up to 30 fingerprints to be stored in the scanner, including those whom you have granted access to the safe. Each purchase includes two emergency override keys, four AA batteries that can run up to two years, and the hardware needed to mount the safe securely. It measures 16.5? Wide x 7.75? Tall x 14.5? Deep and weighs 31 lbs. The BARSKA Biometric Safe offers a lot of storage room for a number of guns and valuables. It is made of solid steel to ensure that contents inside the safe are secured and can keep the safe from being opened even with a hand tool.

You can now safely secure your valuables, including your handguns in the new Home Defender (HD) Series by Liberty Safe. The HDX - 250 Smart Vault offers a ligthning-quick and secure access using the most reliable biometric entry system available-- the 5th Generation Biometric finger swipe technology. It extend supreme accuracy as well as the lowest fail-rate on the market. With the Biometric swipe, you can get access the safe within a second when running with the AC adapter included in the package, and less than two seconds with the 9v battery which is also included in the package. This Smart Vault Biometric Safe can accommodate up to 15 different fingerprints.

This convenient and reliable safe is designed to securely store your firearms until the time you will need access to it. It is constructed from heavy duty 14-gauge steel door that has built-in anti-pry tabs and reinforced latch system that allow it to resist attempts to gain access to the content of the safe. It has an auto-opening door, which automatically opens after swiping your finger on the scanner. Its mounting holes that are located in the bottom of the box allows direct mounting for a more sturdy installation. Customers are assured that each purchase has been fully tested, hence have passed quality standards set by the company. Still, your purchase is backed by a 5-year replacement warranty on any defects in the safe.

Here's another safe that goes above and beyond regular or traditional safes available in the market today. Gunvault pistol safes are excellent products that set the standard for the rest of the brands in the industry. It utilizes the No-Eyes Keypad that allows a real quick access to the contents of the safe even in the dark. With GunVault you have an option to choose one of the following: Micro, Mini, Multi or Bio Vault if you are looking for a storage that allows a quick to your handgun. For a secure and reliable safe and secure products, the GunVault pistol safes will be the answer to all, if not most, of your requirements. It has all the features that you may want from a safe. It has an improved high strength locking mechanism. It is designed with precise fittings that makes the safe virtually impossible to pry open even with hand tools.

Here are more features that will convince you to invest on this safe. It comes with more than 12 million user selectable access codes available that makes deciphering codes impossible. It is engineered with an audio feedback that instantly confirms whether correct keypad entries were keyed in. Its audio disable feature allows "stealth" mode operation, that can allow you to open the safe discreetly whenever necessary. It can be operated with battery power for the needed maximum security and easy portability. Its tamper indicator alerts you with invalid entry attempts.. It has a built in computer blocks access whenever repeated invalid keypad entries were made. Its dimensions, 8? x 10¼” x 14? in its exterior, and 6? x 9? x 12¾” in its interior and two-level storage offer enough space to store as much valuables inside it. It is constructed with 16 gauge steel for the toughness needed to keep burglars from opening the safe. It has spring assisted door opening for the needed quick access to the safe’s contents. A backup key entry if you forget your combination or the electronics fail , like when the battery dies or in case of a component failure. With the GV2000 multi vault, you can be assured that your valuables will be kept secured from prying eyes for years to come.

Any responsible person would not leave his or her valuable unattended. Storing them on traditional storage might be too risky as well. The best way to keep those valuables secure is to store them in a place that has been proven to be the most secured yet the easiest to access storage. With the Mini Biometric Safe by Barska you won't have to think twice whether your valuables are secured once you left them inside this safe. This biometric safe has a reliable scanner that is one of the highest rated by clients. It can be installed on the wall or on the floor. It can also be discreetly hidden anywhere like at the back of frames, cupboards,etc.

The Barska AX11620 Mini Biometric safe can store fingerprints for up to 30 different users. Each fingerprint can be easily stored in minutes. Though it is a compact safe, it can securely store two handguns at a time. A purchase of the product includes a set of emergency back-up keys, a protective floor mat, and mounting hardware. This safe has pre-drilled anchor points to allow you to permanently secure the safe to the floor or wall with the mounting hardware included in the package. The four AA batteries in the package runs the electronic locking device and can last for up to two years. The safe’s exterior dimensions are (HWD): 8” x 12” x 8”, while its interior dimensions are 7.5” x 11.5” x 5.75”, and weighs 12 lbs.

With the rise of biometric safes, traditional safes, although still favored by many, is slowly becoming the thing of the past. These safes are considered more secure and offers additional security and tamper resistant features, hence are more readily accepted by the new wave of customers. One of these next generation safes is the VS-50BLX by Viking Security Safe. It is a biometric fingerprint safe that is made of steel, pry-resistant, laser cut, seamlessly welded, and finished with military and scratch resistant features. This safe is offers top quality combination fingerprint reader (upgraded 500 DPI optical sensor), a digital keypad, and a LCD display for the most convenient and easy use of the safe.

Its motorized deadbolt locking system is bolstered by its two anti-pry insertion slots. It opens quickly with your fingerprint, a PIN code, or using the backup key that comes with the package. It has adjustable and movable shelves that give you the freedom to organize your valuables according to your need. Its external dimensions are H 20" X W 12" X D 14" and weighs 48 lbs. It is made of high quality and thick steels that can withstand even the most persistent prying attacks. It comes with three fully adjustable shelf, a fully carpeted interior, and an integrated LED light for the needed convenience when using the safe.

Viking Security Safe is a USA brand has been in the industry since 2014 only. It became a phenomenal brand after the launch of several high-quality biometric safes. One of the newest models from this brand is VS-20BL. It features one of the most detailed and advanced biometric scanners available in the market today. It is also designed with improved security measures like its complicated four-barreled backup key that is quite difficult to pick. Its main locking feature is one of the newest biometric scanner that is capable of better recognition and imaging than older safes. A third mode to access the safe is its programmable number keypad that uses stored 4-9 digit PIN code, which you can use in case the fingerprint reader not functioning (which has not yet been reported to have happened yet) you can still access the safe.

The biometrics in this safe uses a 500 DPI scanner to capture high quality images of your fingerprint and uses this to make the recognition better, and can keep a record of up to 32 fingerprints. An LCD display LCD display provides information such as the power level of the battery, the number of fingerprints, as well as the operation information while you are sorting out the programming of the reader and the PIN pad. It has tamper and pry-resistant features that bolster the security that the safe provides. Its exterior dimensions are 8? x 12? x 7 7/8”, while its interior measurements are 7 3/4? x 11 7/8? x 5 3/4?. The safe weighs 16 lbs. It is made available to customers at an affordable price considering the features that it offers.

For gun safes that are reliable and convenient to use, you can always rely on the top quality products that First Alert offers. Among the number of well-engineered safety and protection products that the company provides is the portable handgun or pistol safe. Is is California Department of Justice approved gun safe that will provide you with the peace of mind any time you think of your valuables, knowing that they are kept secured inside a durable and almost impossible to pry open safe like the Alert Portable handgun or pistol safe by First Alert. What gives you the best value for your money is the fact that this gun safe is made of secure construction and has allows easy access to your valuables in the event of an emergency.

This safe is constructed from heavy duty 18 gauge steel. It is designed with an innovative no-eyes keypad that allows you to easily and quickly open the safe even in the dark or while keeping your eyes on the doorway where an intruder might be . It is designed with a programmable four button keypad you can use to key in between three and eight digits code. Its lock is powered by four AA batteries, which are included in the package. However, the gun safe can also be opened with the two included tubular backup keys. The interior of the safe is lined with foam to protect your handgun from making any noise and getting scratched or damaged. Its lock is spring loaded, which makes the door lid to open quickly and easily. The safe comes with a 1500 pound test security cable and pre-drilled holes that you may need to mount the safe securely wherever you may decide to. Its dimensions are 10" x 12" x 3" and weighs four pounds.

If you are looking for a secure storage for your valuables that you can bring along, you may consider the Stack-On PC-650-B to meet your requirement. PC-650-B is a portable locking case with biometric lock made by Stack-On is so compact it can fit inside a briefcase, handbag, or a backpack when you need to carry small handgun, and other valuables inside it. It meets TSA Airline regulations for concealed weapons permit holders, so you won't have any problem if you need to stay in a hotel and would be flying in between business meetings. This unique safe can be secured with a 1500lb strength security cable to make it safer when you not in the room where it is kept.

Its compact and sealed design make it difficult to pry open so you can keep your valuables secure anywhere. Contents inside this safe can be accessed using a swipe style biometric scanner, which requires your finger moving over the scanner. It detects the image based on speed, detail, as well as the taken. Make sure you record multiple angles, pressures, and speeds of your fingerprint swipe so that you will get good first time acceptance rates whenever you need to access your safe. It has dimensions of 10"x 5.75"x 1.5"(WLD) and weighs 7 lbs only. Four AAA batteries power this portable biometric slim line safe. However, you can also use the backup keys that come with the package in case the batteries need replacement.

The Artemis Biometric Gun Safe /Handgun Safe allows quick access to your pistol using only a fingerprint. This is a trusted biometric brand and model is oftentimes a regular choice of customers. This gun safe is unbreakable and child resistant. It is made from a polycarbonate polymer, which is a weapons grade polymer. It is quite easy to use and program for pistol access.It is designed with high quality biometric fingerprint scanner, which provides a secure and quick access to the contents of the box even with no swiping. Moreover, it can store up to 200 unique fingerprints. With its loud tamper alarm that creates sounds after 5 unauthorized attempts to protect against accidental handgun access, you would easily know if someone just tried to open the safe. You can turn the alarm off any time by an authorized fingerprint scan.

It also has a large padded interior that can accommodate bigger handguns, yet it is still compact and can fit in a nightstand drawer or under your bed. It has the following interior dimensions: 10 5/8 x 6 7/8 x 2 ¾ (inches), and exterior dimensions as 11½ x11½ x 3¼ (inches). Each package of the Artemis Biometric gun safe includes a high-security tubular style key and a security cable. It has four mounting holes for added security and a low battery alarm. The approximate battery life is one year of or about 4,000 scanner operations.

The Gun Box 2.0 is the ultimate choice in quick accessible handgun storage as it can safely conceal your pistol in plain sight any time, yet grant you access to it in seconds in case you need it. This innovative gun safe uses cutting-edge technology and innovative safety features to provide you the peace of mind and confidence to store your handgun on a nightstand, desk, countertop, or just about anywhere in case you might need quick access to it or during emergencies. The Gun Box 2.0 "boasts" six appealing colors that will match any personal preference. It is made of four mm die cast aluminum and weighs a little over 4.5 pounds. It is spacious enough to allow most duty-sized handguns to fit in it.

Added to the convenience and confidence of displaying the safe just about anywhere, is the fact that one can access the content of the safe with the touch of a finger, the wave of a key card, FOB or a ring, or tap of a finger via the smartphone app. Its pneumatic-assisted lid opens effortlessly in seconds. To add to its security feature, GunVault SpeedVault 2.0 is equipped with an audible motion and tamper alarm that emits a clearly distinguishable sound if your safe is moved or touched. It comes ready to mount anywhere or can easily be secured using a security tether cable. A smartphone app makes set up fingerprint recognition as well as additional access key. This also allows you to adjust fingerprint sensitivity, the volume and tone of the audible alarm, timeout duration on the interior light, as well as other settings right away. You can also give access to the safe any time using the phone app. This safe comes with two USB ports that can be used to charge other devices. Simply intuitive.

Gunvault SpeedVault SV500 gun safe is just perfect for someone who is looking for a safe that has unique and elegant design on a wall. It is easy to use, can be programmed when desired or if necessary. It is one sturdy safe that is revolutionary, simple to use, and allows easy yet quite secure access to the contents of the safe. With a compact design that is designed with, it can easily fit even small corners of your office table or be mounted on a wall, whichever you deem most fit to your situation. A handgun can fit snugly inside this safe. However, you would need to key in the gun model number to verify if it would really fit into the safe's cradle.

Although this gun safe can be installed on its own, you can reinforce its strength with a bigger frame, which you can buy separately. Gunvault SpeedVault comes with a foam lining inside a pre-cut cavity that can fit a handgun barrel of different sizes and hold them in place securely. It is designed with an electronic key entry that you can program to access the gun in the safe. A backup key comes with each purchase that can be used as an override key whenever necessary. An indicator light goes on when the safe is opened. The body of the safe is made of 18 gauge steel. It also comes with the hardware needed for mounting on the wall.

Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE by Sentry Safe is a compact safe that can hold one full size handgun and a few other small valuables. With its size, it can fit in your drawer and be discreetly hidden from sight. The top lid design of the safe is pry-resistant, opens quietly, and can be accessed using one of your hands--a quick and easy way to access your valuables in case of an emergency. With a body of the safe made of 12 gauge solid reinforced heavy duty steel, it would be totally impenetrable by thieves.

This Biometric Quick Access Pistol safe comes with the basic programmable key pad which is could either be accessed via digital or a fingerprint reader. It allows you to have a combination and finger print for quick access to the safe. You can program up to two fingerprints, which can be accessed using a single hand. Each purchase comes with an override key that you can use whenever the battery dies and needs to be replaced. These multiple safety features as well as the safe's versatility make this safe a good deal for those who decide to have this for as their gun safe.


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