7 Car Gun Safes for Compact and Secure Storage

You asked what the best ways are to store a gun in the car when you can't carry it elsewhere. We give you 7 answers and the option to pick one that works for you.

A List to Put You At Ease

Outside home, you would rather have your gun at your side when emergency happens. This is for your protection. The law recognizes this. And as in many cases, a weapon does not prove to be lethal. All 50 states allow the carrying of a firearm -- with or without the issuance of a permit -- as long as it is concealed from the public. It is viewed as a form of protection a person of age can apply to themselves and those they care about. The permit also includes keeping your gun in the car in cases where you cannot bring it with you in public or private areas.

Yet, you can also be uncomfortable about the idea of leaving it there. You understand that it is a great responsibility to own a gun. What if it gets stolen and falls in the wrong hands? We compiled a list of car gun safes to put you at ease and to address your concerns. These storage options are compact and secure, so you won't have doubts about stashing your weapon in the car. They conceal your firearm and, at the same time, allow immediate access during emergencies. Lastly, they can be mounted or installed in your vehicle in just several steps. Read on to find out more:

This heavy-duty steel car safe from Bulldog Cases has a mounting bracket that can be set up anywhere. You can use it in more situations than the Yescom one allows you to. For security, the box cannot be removed from the mounting bracket once it is locked. You also do not have to worry that hardcore crooks can take on the mounting bracket instead. It will be difficult to dismantle the six screws that put it in place. It will take a lot of work, which is a deterrent to smash-and-grab types. You can mount this under the driver's seat, which allows for easy access and better concealment. You will have to remove the seat during installation, but that'about the effort you will take with this product.

No pain when you need to pull out the gun during an emergency. This also has the perfect dimensions for a car gun safe. It is an excellent choice for the price. You can purchase another unit for your home, but the first one can be brought to, say, the hotel while you are traveling. A good product like this one from Bulldog Cases also makes for a great present to your loved ones. Nothing speaks about the quality of a safe than when you get a second and even a third unit for family members and friends. With its double-duty function, added layer security through the mounting bracket, durability, and value for money, we rely no less than on this Bulldog Cases car safe.

Yescom provides a pistol safe that is portable and smart. The compact design allows for stowing handguns, cash, and jewelry. And its notebook style makes it easy to carry the box, from home to car. The highlight of the unit, of course, is its digital feature. To open the box, you need to push a six-digit PIN code. What is good about this is that the button beeps as you push. The noise it makes can deter thieves and curious kids. Also, there is a time-out period after three consecutive wrong PIN attempts. The downside to this is that when the battery dies on you. There are backup keys provided, though, so you just want to get a hold of those keys at all times.

Remember that this list contains choices for a car gun safe, which means you can fit a gun around the size of LC9s, for instance, into this one. But do not expect it can snuggly fit in something that is way larger. That considered, what you have here is a functional safe box from Yescom. Opening and closing it is a smooth operation. But make sure the key is not stuck in the keyhole when opening, as this may prevent you from lifting the lid properly. You can mount it inside the car or the bedroom if you want, but this option can take time if you want to unmount it. Looping the cable around a fixed spot in either location can come in handy.

Both TSA and DOJ certified, this Homak safe is the go-to storage solution of professional gun owners such as law enforcers. It indeed enables safe and secure concealment of pistols from curious kids as well as adults. It has a rugged steel construction and coded entry that reinforce protection. Using a patented design, the product deters thieves or anyone with the objective to pry it open. It will not be easy to break into without the secret combination. You can stow money, pertinent documents, and handguns, of course. To give you an idea, you can fit three small and mid-size guns into the box. Depending on your choice and possibly the number of safes you think you should purchase, you can mount it inside your bedroom or your vehicle.

The Homak pistol box is battery-powered, and there are pros and cons to this. It can switch to lockdown mode after a series of wrong input of password. This holds back the young ones from attempting to open it. You do not have to worry about a power outage as well as long as you keep a battery change. If you do not have or want the time to be changing batteries at a moment of need though, then that is the downside to this. Otherwise, we'd say the patented design is pretty nifty. The door has rounded corners and closes tightly, which will give the crooks a hard time to unseal. And for the price, this product gives value and works well for its intended purpose.

The NanoVault 200 by GunVault has an easy-to-operate key lock system so you can immediately access your handgun. It is compact so you can fit it in your car. You can also try your bedroom, study, and luggage in case of traveling. It includes a 1500-pound tested cable to ensure safe and secure storage of your firearm. The padding, which is half-inch thick top and bottom, also protects the contents of the case. Boasting an 18-gauge steel construction, the vault is a contender in terms of strength and price. Those who hold a concealed weapon permit can rest assured that it meets the TSA airport guidelines. It has plenty of room, for instance, for a 9mm conceal, a 25 hollow point box, and two clips.

Like some of the earlier products, the NanoVault 200 by GunVault has a weak spot, which is its cable. And following the advice of users, a purchase of a thicker cable from TufNut Works will not hurt. Then you can use that to mount the vault onto a fixed spot. The unit is designed to open from the top, does not spring open, and shuts tightly when locked. It will take a few minutes for persistent thieves to break through the first layer of protection -- the cable -- which can slow down and thus, deter them. In this light, the NanoVault 200 is an excellent product that works for very particular venues and contexts. It is highly recommended for those who are looking for a safe that they can move around, in and out of the car, as needed.

Combine stability, security, and portability, and you get the Stack-On PC-95C case. Loop its 1500-pound test steel cable around a strong, fixed object, and crooks will be hard-pressed to break the box free. Its TSA combination lock makes it ideal for transit. At 3.2 pounds, it comes in handy for individuals who are traveling and at the same time holding a concealed carry firearm permit. You can have your peace of mind while driving, riding, or flying. And it offers the right storage space for mid-size handguns such as Glock 23. This buddy also works for safekeeping your money, smartphones, credit cards, passports, and keys while you are on the move. The steel construction, thickness, and nice finish ensure that it can endure the conditions that result to wear and tear.

The Stack-On PC-95C is padded inside. The foam lining helps to prevent your possessions from getting scratched or sliding inside the case. If you want to stick with using it as a car gun safe, you may be glad to hear that it has little mounting holes on the back for this very purpose. Its built is not as impenetrable as a bank vault, but it can surely slow down a thief. We recommend it for its affordability and its ability to deliver the safety and security that you need while also staying legal. You can use it for instances when you cannot carry your weapon within your person, such as in airports or courts. Overall, it is inexpensive and serves well its purpose.

The SnapSafe Lockbox with key lock is a strong, capable unit against smash and grab. It has a metal lock that looks solid and is hard to pry open. Having this storage option in your car while traveling with your pistols gives you a sense of security and safety. But while the box looks formidable, the cable might be underwhelming for some. There are users who recommend replacing the cable for tighter security and safety. A good alternative would be the TufNut's SC3 Hi-Strength Cable, which comes in 3/16 to ΒΌ x 3 inches. Full-size handguns, such as a Glock 19 or a Glock 21, alongside the magazine would fit well into the space. But if your handgun is larger than the latter, you have to consider getting a bigger case.

Before you go ahead, click, and buy the SnapSafe Lockbox, bear in mind that it is a great product for protecting your weapon from the smash-and-grab type of thieves. It has alternative uses if you think it is not suitable as a safe in your vehicle. At home, it can serve as storage for handguns when you want to keep them from the curious eyes and hands of your children. You can also hide cash and other valuables in the box. It comes just in the right size so you can stash your concealed carry firearm in the luggage when you are traveling. The good thing is that you get a good product for a decent price, which is a practical choice especially for first-time buyers.

The glove compartment in your car is an easy target for thieves these days. Being strategic and smart about how you store your gun inside your vehicle will add a layer of protection in case of an attempted robbery. Southern Homewares'portable car safe is a good choice for hiding and securing your handgun. It is compact at 8.5 x 3 x 6 inches and light at 3.5 pounds so you can change its location as frequently as you desire. You can stash the box under the driver's seat or in the trunk. The product is an aluminum drawer that comes with a tubular key lock, a thick cable that will be hard to destroy. It is 3-feet long, multi-strand, and made of steel.

In times of emergency, one turn of the key unlocks the other end of the cable, which is connected to the safe. You can then slide the inner case open to access your weapon. Southern Homewares'portable car safe also provides a compact storage solution for most of your mundane needs. Aside from a handgun, you can also conceal cash, your passport, other keys, and other everyday stuff inside the box. The price is decent for a product that is tough and practical. If you don't want to stow valuables inside the car at night, you can simply bring it with you inside the house. The only thing we would want Southern Homewares to change is the model's color. How about a black instead of silver bright box to complete the idea of concealment?


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