The Pros and Cons of Cheap Gun Safes

We talk about the pros and the cons of cheap gun safes.

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What You Need To Know

What are you looking for in gun safes? If you are on a budget, would you seriously consider investing in a cheap gun safe or a more expensive one? What would it mean to have a cheap gun safe in your home? Before you consider buying cheap gun safes, take a moment to consider what are the advantages and disadvantages of getting cheap gun safes for your home or office. We will offer two of each in our post today, so that you can figure out how to decide to get a more affordable gun safe than any of those in the wider gun safe market.

We have been trying out gun safes of all sorts, from the more expensive ones to the relatively more affordable ones, and we are convinced that cheap gun safes may offer a budget-friendly way to secure one's valuables, such as guns, jewelry, and important documents. Trying out all those safes has also convinced us that they offer the same features as more expensive ones, but are generally reliable as well. We hope this post will also take into account some of the concerns we have about cheap gun safes as well. It will hopefully make your decision to invest in a gun safe much easier than before.

The Pros

The first argument we can make is self-evident: the price. Why buy a safe that costs much more when you can get the same features as a cheaper safe? For example, let's take a two hundred dollar personal biometric gun safe and compare it with a four hundred dollar safe having the same features. The price point is quite different, but if the cheap gun safe one does the job, you do not have any problems keeping the cheap one for a number of years. Generally, most people have positive feedback about cheap gun safes. This is because given how expensive most high-end safes always are, finding one at a bargain that can, for example, offer quick access to a pistol using a pattern combination lock that generally works well is not a bad thing to have. It might even be better to have a biometric gun safe that can store fingerprints of you and other authorized persons that costs less than one that has more advanced features.

The second is closely related to the first. Given that you could get the same features for a different price point, there is a chance that these cheap gun safes offer the same reliable protection as more expensive ones. This chance is higher than usual when you are aware of the ways you can make a cheap gun safe more suitable to your needs, like installing a courtesy light when the safe does not have one at all. For instance, when we were trying biometric gun safes for some period of time, we had very little trouble accessing them provided that we took precautions like wiping the sensor after use where possible to maintain accuracy. Most of the negative feedback we hear can be attributed to two things: either a particular model is defective, which can happen, or users do not take the trouble to keep their equipment in good condition.

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The Downsides

The first downside of having a cheap gun safe is the possibility of shoddy construction. This might mean that, for example, the steel walls are not welded properly or the walls are not thick enough. Such construction heightens the possibility that a thief might easily break into a gun safe using standard hand tools. Another instance we can think of, since we have been dealing with biometric safes, is the chance that a biometric system will register either a false positive or a false negative. This means either an unauthorized user can get into the safe, or that an authorized user cannot. Generally, most biometric systems would avoid these issues, but some biometric systems, especially in cheaper models, may not be as accurate. If you are really concerned about shoddy workmanship, there are cheaper models, although more expensive than those that are already cheap, from suppliers who make their gun safes stateside. They may have better quality and more reliability than others, and they might also meet the standards you require.

Related to this is another problem with cheap gun safes. While they might meet the minimum standards of, say, the California Department of Justice for a gun storage unit or of the Underwriters Laboratories for a residential storage container, one can never be too sure if it meets these standards well. For instance, it may be that they do have the minimum steel wall gauge that either standard requires or that their bolts are constructed in such a way that they meet those specifications. However, there might be problems with the actual construction that might lead to problems down the road, like successful break-ins. Some cheap gun safes do meet these standards and exceed them, and it is a challenge looking for such safes. You might want to check out our product reviews to see which cheap gun safe could meet or exceed the standards both government and independent rating agencies provide.

Our Verdict

We have been weighing two arguments for and two arguments against buying cheaper gun safes. The first argument for it is the price: if it works, and if it is at a price you can afford, then go buy it. The second argument for cheap gun safes is its features: most of the time, these are as reliable as the more expensive ones. The first argument against it is the possibility of shoddy workmanship or things not working, which led us to conclude carefully considering the source. The second argument is that some safes may meet minimum standards but the buyer must beware to be sure that these meet and exceed the standards both government and independent rating agencies set for such devices.

On balance, if one takes all these arguments into consideration, we believe that you should seriously consider buying a cheap gun safe for your home. It might be worth the money you invest, and it will provide you years, if not decades of protection. Some of these safes are as reliable as their more expensive counterparts. If you want to figure out which ones are definitely reliable, why not visit the rest of our website for product reviews and other articles on gun safes, personal safes, and wall safes? You might find something interesting to buy. Thank you for reading, and hope your home is a safe one.