Fingerprint Gun Safes: a Review of The Most Advanced Models for Sale Online

We review 15 fingerprint gun safes to keep your guns safe and secure.

What You Need To Know

If you are thinking about owning a gun, or already own one, it might be best to consider ways we can keep our guns out of the reach of children or others who are not supposed to handle them. The best way to do this is to maintain a gun safe in a place where one can easily access it in the event of a home invasion. There are many kinds of gun safes, but what we will focus on today are those that require biometrics to access. Fingerprint gun safes, or biometric gun safes, require a single fingerprint to open the vault and get your gun ready.

Fingerprint gun vaults are something that have fascinated us over the last few years, and as gun owners with handguns kept at home, we are aware of the challenges of keeping guns out of the reach of people who are not trained to use them. We have put together this list of the 15 best fingerprint gun safes in the market to keep you informed of the best possible options for biometric gun vaults to keep your gun secure. We trust that you will use this information to make a choice on purchasing such gun vaults and keeping your home safe and secure.

The last safe we will review for this list is the most high-tech we can think of, because of the nature of its fingerprint sensor. Unlike all but one of the 14 safes we've reviewed, which all use optical sensors, the Verifi Smart.Safe uses a 3D imaging system to record and retrieve fingerprints, which promises a much higher rate of accuracy than other sensors. The manufacturer claims, though we have not verified it, that this is in use by federal government departments of all sorts, but we at least trust this one over some of the other things we'd hear from the Feds! The high-tech sensor system allows for things that other fingerprint gun vaults do not have, such as entry logs and user access controls.

One feature of the Verifi Smart.Safe which it shares with one or two others on this list is a courtesy light that glows when the vault is opened. This is a useful feature when you do need to grope for a firearm in the dark and you may need to dig deep into the vault to retrieve it quickly. However, it also serves another purpose when the vault also stores other things such as documents or other valuables. It allows us to see at a glance what we might be looking for. So if you are looking for something to store those guns or valuables, do not hesitate to check out these 15 fingerprint gun vaults or their alternatives. We hope you have found this useful enough to give you the information you need to make an informed choice.

We can find other uses for the Barska Top Opening Biometric Safe than for storing one standard-sized weapon in its spacious compartment. This, of course, is because it is, like some of the models we reviewed, a top opening fingerprint gun safe. Some of these other uses include storing such valuables as jewelry, important documents, prized possessions and heirlooms, and other such things. In any case, it also serves well as a gun safe, its dimensions being large enough to hold a standard-sized personal weapon on its protective floor mat. Like the safe we reviewed in #4, this safe relies upon a relatively quiet hydraulic system to open the door and thus allows the gun owner to retrieve his or her weapon discreetly enough that the intruder would not notice.

A question you might ask is, did you try the test you did with the vault you reviewed with #4 with this one? Well, we did, and we discovered one thing that another user pointed out. The vault makes a beep with a successful combination entered, and every time it stays opened for a prolonged period without being closed, it beeps repeatedly. We forgot to close the vault during the test and thus our "intruder" was able to find where the vault was. Of course, this was not without the "owner" sneaking away before that. This is a feature we appreciate about the Barska Top Opening Biometric Safe: it reminds us to be discreet in opening vaults whenever possible! That was a valuable lesson we learned that day.

The largest safe we are reviewing is the Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe, which as the name implies, can store plenty of rifles or other tall guns. It is made of steel for durability and solid construction, and it has a five point deadbolt lock system that can be accessed through the biometric gun safe's fingerprint sensor system. The system is activated by pressing the power button and by putting one's preprogrammed finger on the sensor. If it is an authorized print, the vault's handle can be pulled and unlocked. It has a 12-position rack in the gun safe's interior to organize those valuable rifles easily and efficiently. There is also a removable storage rack in the door's interior to store such things as documents, gun magazines, and other accessories and valuables.

More than any other weapon, rifles are one of those which we do have to keep out of reach of unauthorized users not only because of their power but also because of the range and reach these weapons may have. We particularly recommend the Barska Large Biometric Rifle Safe for people like hunters who store a good number of rifles and accessories that they use for their trade, and for people who in general like to collect rifles, especially those that are in good working order. One feature that this fingerprint gun safe has in common with other gun safes of its sort is that it has backup keys in the event the fingerprint sensor does not work because the provided batteries have run out of power.

Like some other safes we have reviewed, the Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe relies on a dual unlocking system to access the safe. A biometric system that can store a good number of fingerprints supplements a four-key keypad that stores a preprogrammed combination. This means you can enter a particular combination and put your finger on the pad for quick access to the fingerprint gun vault. The vault itself is made of 12 gauge reinforced solid steel, which means that it is durable and reliable enough for years of use. It has a pry-resistant door that cannot be opened by most hand tools or by prying hands in general. It is large enough to fit one standard-sized personal firearm, which is good enough for most home gun owners.

The two features we wish to highlight from the Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe all have to do with keeping quiet. We understand that when a home intruder arrives, an element of stealth can sometimes be an advantage for the gun owner. That is why what we appreciated about it is that the keypad provides no audio feedback whatsoever, and more importantly, instead of a click, one hears a quiet hiss as the gas piston brings the gun into view. We once tested it by having one of us stand a good deal away, sneaking in the other's direction, while the other kept a toy gun inside the compartment and was able to get the gun out without the other noticing it at all!

Our research team told us to try out one non-biometric safe for comparison's sake, and we chose yet another model from the GunVault family, the GunVault Multivault Standard Gun Safe. Instead of the biometric print scanner, there are four buttons on top, which record the potentially high number of possible combinations of thumb, forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger that one can enter for authorized access. The gun safe is large enough, with an extra shelf attached, to hold more than one firearm, but we prefer to use this feature for keeping things like our deeds of sale, mortgage, wills and trust documents, and other important items such as jewelry or prized possessions. The size of this storage compartment allows for such storage possibilities and more.

We can think of several reasons why one would not necessarily be keen on choosing a biometric gun safe, and we will talk about a couple of them. The first is that one might not want to worry about the trouble of recording fingerprints repeatedly with all the maintenance one has to undertake with it. A combination might be much easier to remember. Another reason is that possible users may be of a certain age where prints may not be as reliably consistent as before, though we note that newer fingerprint scanners can take this into account. In any case, we believe that most fingerprint gun safes are reliable enough that we would recommend them to all of our readers to try and to consider.

Most of us keep our guns at home, but some of us do take our guns on the road. It is a vital safety measure when we are out on the road and people may want to take our vehicles or threaten our lives. For those of us who take our guns with us and have the appropriate permits to do so, the Ivation Portable Biometric Car Gun Safe is the one to try. The portable fingerprint gun safe is a small steel safe that fits neatly into a glove compartment for discreet access. It can be secured with a steel cable provided so that it cannot be easily removed by prying hands. It is hard to take on the interior of this fingerprint gun safe with tools or bare hands.

The number of fingerprints the Ivation Portable Biometric Car Gun Safe can store is 32, which is not a large number, but we feel it is enough for the right number of people to store their prints in this portable device. We have three or four other authorized people to unlock this safe, and we usually register more than one finger on more than one hand just to be sure. This allows us, in the event of an emergency, to enter the appropriate print without worrying on which finger on which hand exactly was the print we recorded. In the event the sensor dies on us while the vault is closed, of course, we do not have to worry. There is a manual key override system, something which is standard with most biometric gun safes as a backup measure.

We are reviewing the older version of this safe, which we understand now has a new version out, a 2.0. The GunBox Biometric Handgun Safe is one of the more high technology fingerprint gun safes we have reviewed on this list for a couple of reasons. The first is its design and sensors, and the second is the backup measure which we will talk about shortly. The sleek, discreet design would not reveal anything until the 360 degree fingerprint sensor recognizes an authorized print. You read that right--it can scan a fingerprint from any direction of this somewhat rounded device. Nestled in its rear are two USB ports for charging other devices or connecting other accessories. This device is meant to be plugged in in order to be used.

Apart from being a sleek, rounded device with a 360 degree fingerprint scanner, the GunBox Biometric Gun Safe has one other feature that commends itself to us. It has an RFID scanner that serves as an additional means of opening the device--the manufacturer sells the appropriate RF ring and other accessories separately. This dual layer of protection allows you to, for example, give the appropriate RFID device to one or two authorized individuals who can, alone, open the device with their fingerprints as well. Such is the level of security provided by this one that we have decided to get the newer version for our home, which has roughly the same features. A final feature worth noting is that it has an internal motion/vibration detector with a built-in alarm.

Yet another variant to the GunVault family of fingerprint gun safes, the GunVault MicroVault Gun Safe is a compact variant that keeps guns and other variables secure. The pistol is nestled within a foam container that keeps both the magazine and weapon separate. This allows for greater safety, as keeping the magazine and the weapon separate would prevent an untrained user from using the weapon--just make sure you do not have a bullet in the gun chamber! Nestled right above it are a series of three compartments for the storage of valuables. One can keep a passport, keys, documents such as deeds of title, and other small possessions. The fingerprint sensor is discreetly placed just in front of the compartment, allowing one to enter the correct print and access the weapon.

We may as well reiterate how the GunVault MicroVault Gun Safe smart fingerprinting system works, in brief. The sensor works in such a way that it periodically learns how stored prints change over time, either through aging, or through minor changes due to cuts and bruises. Such relearning is valuable with repeated use, so it is best to test fingerprints every so often to train the system to recognize them. Unlike the one we previously reviewed, incidentally, the fingerprint gun safe is made from 18-gauge steel. While it is not as light as the polycarbonate material #9 used, it is still useful, strong, and durable enough, and the foam interior, as we explained, nestles the firearm in such a way that it will not go off inside that easily.

What interested us in the Artemis Biometric Gun Safe were two things. First was the fingerprint gun safe's high fingerprint storage capacity, and the second was its material, which we will talk about later. The fingerprint sensor system, which they claim is similar to those found in smartphones and other similar devices, can recognize up to 200 prints. That is a lot! The system can recognize these prints through what the manufacturer calls the "Second Touch" system, which promises a high degree of accuracy in sensing authorized prints and rejecting unauthorized ones. One test we have tried is having more than one print of ourselves entered into the system, and the biometric gun vault's system was able to recognize our thumb, forefinger, and middle finger prints easily.

The other feature of the Artemis Biometric Gun Safe which we would highlight is its material. Ever wondered why body armor these days is so light, or that bulletproof glass is not as bulky as before? That is because it is made of polycarbonate polymer of a weapons grade. This is the same material used in this particular fingerprint gun vault. A polycarbonate storage case means that it is tough and durable, and will not be easily opened or damaged by other tools. Other notes about this device: it has four AA batteries which will run it for a year, and it has, like some other biometric gun safes, a special alarm that goes off if unauthorized fingerprints touch its sensor until an authorized one is entered.

The Viking Mini Biometric Safe is a fingerprint gun safe of a more generic variety, as it contains features that other biometric vaults have, except for a couple that are unique to it as an added security measure. Its improved biometric system claims to be more accurate than before, something which we have not really tested as earlier models are not available for comparison. It also has a backup override key system, which allows users to access the vault in the event the biometrics fail or the PIN code entry (more on that later) does not function properly. It can store up to 32 fingerprints and one PIN code, and it will not lose the memory of those prints even if the batteries are removed. This is something else we have not tried.

The Viking Mini Biometric Safe is one of at least two safes we have tried that has not only a fingerprint lock system but also a PIN code system. One thing that is good about having two or more ways of accessing a safe is that one has a backup plan in the event of the biometrics, for example, registering a false negative, or if someone is not registered in the biometric system but needs access to the fingerprint gun safe. The good thing is that it is easy to remember eight digits, which is almost as long as any phone number with area code combination. The only downside with a PIN combination is that it can be forgotten, which is not always a good thing especially if your biometrics are not registered with the system.

One of us has a concealed weapons permit, and for this reason we can transport our gun around, usually in a briefcase. We have been looking for a good biometric gun safe that we can carry around with us, and we tried the Stack-On Portable Locking Case. The device is portable enough not only to fit in a briefcase, but underneath car or truck seats so that we have ready access to our weapon when needed. One of the things we value about this is that it is indeed a biometric device, because opening portable safes of this sort would be a challenge in certain situations if there is a combination one has to memorize. Thus, we found it valuable that this device could help keep our weapons secure while offering easy access.

One interesting feature is that the Stack-On Portable Locking Case is designed to be secured with a steel cable. The steel cable, which has been tested to up to 1500 lbs of pull, allows the device to be attached to anywhere, especially underneath a car seat where there is room to secure the fingerprint gun safe. The cable, when wrapped around the device, allows it to hold the device shut until it is opened properly. Finally, a note about what else can be stored here: since it is meant for travel, this biometric safe can store things such as money, passports, or other important documents or items one may need to carry around on the trip. This is, of course, aside from the weapon one is allowed to carry around.

The Barska Biometric Safe is a smaller version of the safe described in #13, and like the larger fingerprint gun safe, it is meant to store not only handguns or other small weapons, but also other items such as valuable jewelry or important documents. The safe can be mounted anywhere that can be easily accessed using the hardware and mounts that come along with this device. The biometric safe can store up to 30 combinations, which may include family, children's guardians, or other responsible persons. These combinations can easily be recorded using the device's biometric system, which we have found convenient to use. Its dimensions mean that it can easily be transported on an RV or truck, thus making this portable enough to be taken around if needed.

Users have sent feedback about how the Barska Biometric Safe can be opened by unauthorized persons, and there is one tip a user has suggested. As a test of whether the biometrics work, it might be best not only to test it among people who already have access to the safe, but also with those who may not have authorized access, such as children and others around the house. This ensures the reliability of the fingerprint gun safe's biometrics and makes sure too that you will not get any false positives, which is a problem that is not good to have, especially if your small firearm is inside a vault. And another good safety feature: if the biometric gun safe is left open for quite a while, a loud beep is emitted by the device.

We will be reviewing several safes from this manufacturer in the list, but this is the largest one we will review so far. The Barska Large Biometric Safe not only stores handguns or other small weapons, but it can also store electronics and other valuables such as jewelry and important documents. The locking system is a manual three point solid deadbolt, which offers ease of use with just one hand motion. In other words, once your biometrics register, the fingerprint gun vault can easily be opened. The device can store up to 120 fingerprints, and as we found out in our tests, it is easy to program the biometric information for registered users. Such convenience offers gun owners an easy way to offer access to important items to those who should access them.

The Barska Large Biometric Safe's manufacturer recommends one thing which we must emphasize to owners of biometric gun safes. It is a simple precaution that must be taken to maintain the gun vault's biometrics properly. The precaution is this: always wipe the biometric sensor. Why so? It prevents fingerprints from smudging the sensor, thus making the biometrics unreliable when you need them the most. The manufacturer also recommends testing your fingerprints anew every six months to take into account any changes you make to your print. We believe that no matter how reliable a manufacturer claims their biometrics to be, one can never be too sure that it will be reliable unless you take care of it, and thus make it harder for you to stay safe.

Another vault from the same manufacturer, the Gunvault GV1000S Mini Vault is not only devoted to handguns, though it has space for one in its somewhat spacious compartment. It is almost impossible to open this vault with hand tools due to its very precise fittings, thus making it impossible for thieves to pry this open and steal not only one's weapon, but also any other valuables such as jewelry and important documents stored inside. The fingerprint gun safe is constructed from 16-gauge steel for durability and rigidity, and the interior is covered with soft foam to protect whatever contents there are inside. The biometric system is used in conjunction with three activation keys found on top of the device, so you can set a combination that is really your own.

One good thing about the Gunvault GV1000S Mini Vault's biometrics system is that it avoids one problem we mentioned earlier. Users' fingerprints change over time, which is why some folk criticize these fingerprint gun safes, because the chance of getting a false negative becomes higher. What this fingerprint gun vault does is to learn and relearn the fingerprint of an authorized person, taking note of minor updates such as cuts or bruises that might affect the shape and swirl of a fingerprint template. Having this particular algorithm makes the biometric gun safe easier to access by those who are supposed to access it, and harder for those who cannot. Another feature worth noting is that the fingerprint gun safe has a courtesy light so that the contents can be seen in the dark.

The first of several safes we will be reviewing from this manufacturer, the Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 holds a single pistol or other handgun in its interior. It has a biometric fingerprint scanner and an activation button on top, and it can be mounted on any wall for easy access in the event of a home invasion. The fingerprint gun vault has an override key feature which is standard in most biometric gun safes, as we will discuss shortly as a feature to note. The foam-lined interior protects your gun and the outer shell is made from 18-gauge steel, making it durable and secure enough to last. It is arranged in such a way that you can draw your gun easily from the vault and use it.

A notable feature of the Gunvault SpeedVault SVB500 is its override key, which fits into a standard tumbler lock. One issue some people have with fingerprint gun vaults is the possibility of false positives, where a fingerprint not authorized may accidentally be authorized, or of false negatives, where an authorized fingerprint is not recognized at all. Any good biometric gun vault worth its salt should have such a feature to allow gun owners to access their weapons using that key as a last resort. This is, of course, if the device fails to recognize the up to 120 fingerprints that can be stored in the memory of this single finger gun vault. Hopefully, gun owners may not have to resort to this, but it is a good thing to have.


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