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Protecting your valuables from fire is something everyone should consider as hundreds of thousands of fires break out in homes all over the country and leaves families with great loss and totally devastated. Even though most of the items that might have been consumed with fire can be replaced, not everything can be saved. Add it to the fact that it takes a lot of time and is quite taxing to have the items consumed by fire to be replaced. This calls for investing on a safe to be installed either at home or in your office necessary. It's a smart and simple way to be prepared for unexpected occurrences that may claim some of your irreplaceable or difficult to replace documents such as birth certificates, property deeds, social security cards, passports and more is a simple way to be prepared for an unfortunate event.

Considering all these, fireproof safe is something that every household should have. Fire proof safes are designed with a variety of protection levels. Fire resistant safes are identified depending on the length of protection they provide. As such, fireproof safes can provide 30 minutes of protection through a few hours of protection, depending on how they are designed. To help you find the best fireproof products available on the market today, we came up with a list that indicates all the features of each of the top ranking products so you can make a smart decision once you are ready to buy your own fireproof safe.

Mesa Safe Company is a leader in the safe industry and has been providing the highest quality safe and security products since 1981. It takes pride in providing the world with high strength and quality safes. Its quality products have unique design that combines all the security features of a burglary safe to provide you with the peace of mind knowing that you have invested on the best safe around. Consider the different benefits of having one of the highest quality gun safes you can have for your home or office. Each purchase of this high quality Mesa Safe Company Model MBF3820E Burglary and Fire Safe with Electronic Lock is backed by a year of warranty on parts and labor.

This safe is made of 100% all steel. It features an internal power strip to combine security and power to give you the ultimate personal security storage. This safe is built to withstand temperatures up to 1830 degrees Fahrenheit for up to two hours. It is also designed to be be drill and punch resistant to prevent burglary attacks. It has also been factory tested to survive a two-story fall. It has a dimension of 22 x 22 x 40 inches. It is designed with two interior shelves that can be adjusted or removed for more space to store your valuables securely. This safe is just right for storing valuables and important documents like your passport, birth certificates, deeds, insurance information, wills, electronic devices, and even your handguns.

This SentrySafe product has become one of the favorites among a number of customers according to fireproof safes for home reviews. Some of the reasons provided center on the design as well as on the functionality that this safe offers. SFW123DSB Combination Fire-Safe by SentrySafe is rated among the high rated gun safety safes. Here are some of the reasons for such favor. It has been granted an Underwriter's laboratories (UL) certification for fire proof safety of guns and valuables and been rated fireproof for 1 hour at 1700 F / 927 C. It has been verified for uniqueness as confirmed in the Extract Transform and Load (ETL) certification granted to it. This quality verification is meant for water and fireproof capacities of certain products. It is said to withstand up to 8 inches of water for 24 hours.

Here are other features that makes this safe one of the more preferred choice: strong steel wall which protects it from the diverse attempts to break into the safe; a set of combination lock mechanisms that provides better safety compared to conventional locks; its large compartment that can fit more of your valuables; an internal shelved area for easy to misplace items to ease sorting and discovery of these items; technology based use with DVDs and USB sticks used for keeping the user information and manual. A combination of smart design, high level trust of the manufacturer with long service, as well as limited warranty, make each SentrySafe SFW123DSB Combo Fire Safe a preferred choice.

Here's another interesting electronic safe that will help you in securing your valuables more conveniently as well as discreetly. The digital electronic safe by Flexzion makes a great addition to any home or business as it affords you to have a secure storage for your cash, jewelry, personal documents and other valuables, including your handguns. This safe has heavy duty steel construction yet compact and allows key or keyless access to the valuables inside the safe. It is designed with electronic keypad and requires up to eight digits secret PIN code. Investing on this digital electronic safe allows you to rest easy knowing that your important belongings are fully protected within this digital electronic safe.

This durable and easy to conceal electronic steel fireproof safety box has over 550 cubic inches of secure interior storage space. Its security safe combination lock control feature will refuse input of security code after the wrong PIN is entered for three times and will automatically lock up for five minutes after six erroneous pass code inputs. Great security for money, jewelry, small pistol and valuables at home, on the road or in the office, hotel. It is a durable and easy to conceal electronic steel fireproof safety box with over 550 cubic inches of secure interior storage space; Keep your valuables carefully locked away with the security safe box. Capacity that nicely accommodates a wide range of items, including legal documents, passports, jewelry, cash, and more. Make sure you check out this reliable safe the next time you look for one. It's a wise investment you need not only to protect your valuables but even the lives of those you love.

From the world's leading manufacturer of smoke alarms, fencing, doors, window guards, carbon monoxide detectors, security cameras, fire extinguishing products, safes, and many other home safety products, comes this innovative safety and security safe that has been built to keep your valuables secure from all other elements that may try to damage your belongings. First Alert introduces 2087F-BD a waterproof one-hour fire safe designed with a combination lock, one adjustable/removable shelf, one key rack, one door pocket, two override keys, ready-Seal mounting hardware, and one manual--just everything you need to start having the peace of mind you so deserve.

This safe is made of durable resin, has four solid-steel locking door bolts and patented, concealed, pry-resistant Delta hinges that help deter burglars from opening the safe. Its adjustable and removable shelf, and the hanging key rack and door pocket installed in it make it convenient to organize your valuables inside the safe. 2087F-BD by First Alert measures 16.50 by 14.50 by 19.00 inches (H x W x D) and weighs 82 pounds. Inside it measures 12.88 by 10.38 by 12.25 inches and has a capacity of 0.94 cubic feet. As it is compact, you can store it neatly in a closet or home office. Overall, it looks sturdy, reliable, and professional.

Are you looking for a safe that can keep your valuables and documents intact even when fire or water tries to ruin what's inside the safe? Here's one security storage that will just be at par when it comes to providing high quality protection at an affordable price. Honeywell 1104 Molded Fire and Water Chest is verified to have a UL Class rating of 350 for an hour fire up to 1700F / 927C. It is also well tested and confirmed to remain waterproof for up to 48 hours in 39 inches /1m depth of water.

Its inner space fits letter, A4 and legal size documents stored flat inside this safe that has an interior capacity of 0.46 cubic feet. Its exterior dimensions are 7.3"H x 20"W x 17.2"D, while its interior dimensions are 4.5"H x 14.8"W x 12.0"D. Dual compression latches, safety hinges, and a handle. Designed to fit letter and A4 size documents flat. It is designed to protect your paper documents and digital media from fire, water, and burglars. Each purchase is backed by a 7 Year limited warranty and a lifetime after-fire guarantee.

For another excellent option for a fireproof gun safe, you can consider Honeywell's small steel security safe. 5101DOJ Small Steel Security Safe by Honeywell is a California Department of Justice approved firearms storage safe. It has a 0.36 cubic feet storage capacity, mounting down capabilities, concealed hinges, and recessed door for a better prying resistance and a solid steel cabinet and door design for better protection for the vault and the valuables inside it. This safe has a scratch resistant powder coat finish. It is designed with a programmable digital lock to as well as an emergency override key access that may be used whenever the battery needs to be replaced.

Honeywell safes are particularly designed to secure your essential documents and most valuable possessions, at the same time gives you the peace of mind that comes from being prepared in the event of a disaster, fire, or during an unforeseen events when thieves break in your house. This safe is just right any important documents and other valuables, including your handguns. Its external dimensions are 7.9 x 12.2 x 8.1 inches (H x W x D), while its interior dimensions are 7.7 x 12.0 x 6.8 inches (H x W x D), and weighs 13.1 lbs. Its locking mechanism is ran by four AA batteries that are included in the package.Each purchase is backed up by a seven-year limited warranty.

T0-331 by Security Safe is an excellent choice for an office and home safe. This 6.1 cu. ft. security safe is designed with a programmable electronic lock, an override key, two multi-position shelves, a key rack, a bungee organizational system for storage of easy-to-misplace items, bolt down kit, and carpeted interior. Its solid steel construction, 3 live-locking bolts, and concealed hinges add to the capacity of this fireproof safe to hold and secure your belongings.

Now you don't have to feel vulnerable but confident knowing that your valuables will be kept safe in SentrySafe T0-331. It has thicker door, two times larger size and an overall weight that gives you the assurance to the safety of your irreplaceable items. You can use this safe as a 6.1 cu. ft. open storage. Or, you can opt to use one or both shelves to organize your valuables inside the safe. The bungee system on the door will help you organize small or frequently used documents in the safe. For the best fireproof home safe, you can consider SentrySafe T0-331 and get the best value for your money.

Barska is committed to providing superior quality products at an affordable price to customers all over the world. Barska product range has been designed and built with the best material available to ensure top quality fireproof safes are delivered even to its most critical customers. You can now keep valuable jewelry secured and organized with the White keypad jewelry safe by Barska. This very appealing safe is made from solid steel and has been designed to provide fireproof protection to the valuables stored inside the safe. It comes with highly functional and elegant wooden drawers covered with a soft interior lining to keep your jewelry organized and totally protected.

This fireproof jewelry safe from Barska features a motion sensor light that is automatically activated whenever the safe is opened. A digital keypad installed in its door retains one pin code and allows authorized users to quickly access their valuables inside the safe. The Barska jewelry safe also comes with 2 override keys that can be used to access the safe via the lock located behind the digital keypad if the batteries that operate the keypad becomes dead or need to be replaced. It is rated to be fireproof for up to 30 minutes at 1,500 degrees F. It is designed with three solid steel locking bolts and has a total dimension of 2126 x 2087 x 2008 hundredths-inches. It comes with two pre-drilled mounting holes set on the safe's back for easy and worry-free installation.

If you are still searching for the top quality fireproof safe, you need to consider Fire Proof Electronic Digital Safe Home Security Heavy Duty, Gray. This safe is also known as the Quarter Master FR7800 Digital Keypad Fire Resistant Home Office Security Safe by Paragon Lock & Safe Co. With this digital safe, you can easily store and keep valuables safe at home or in your. This case works with the programmable digital code you enroll using its 2-AA battery operated keypad or using the override key that comes with the package. Now, you won't have to worry whether your documents and other valuables, including your pistols, are safe in case of fire or robbery attacks. Keeping it inside this safe is like giving yourself the peace of mind you so deserve as the features that come with each package make this safe a perfect choice for a fireproof gun safe.

Here are some of the features that make this safe outstanding: its inside tamper-proof hinges; construction material that is made of thick 11 gauge solid steel to help it resist hand and mechanical tool attacks; pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts allowing anchoring; Total wall fire rated at 1700 degrees F. at 30 minutes; extra interior shelf for a more convenient use of the safe. This safe is easy to use with the digital codes that can be set in a breeze. All these convenient features comes with a full 10 year warranty.

This is a well-engineered long gun heavy duty safe from Steel Water that is capable of securing even up to 39 guns. The maximum number of guns it can hold is 45 (15/15/15). For long guns, the average capacity is from 36-39 long guns). It is proven to provide up to 1-hour fire protection at 1875°F. Fireproof safe reviews indicate a number of customers, and increasing, have indicated their favorable acceptance of the product. The external dimensions of the safe are 72" x 42" x 28" (HxWxD). Just add 3" for the handle. On the other hand, this safe’s interior dimensions are 68 1/4" x 39 1/4" x 21" (HxWxD). It’s interior capacity is 37.21 Cubic Ft. The available interior capacity is 32.56 Cubic Ft. The safe weighs 888 lbs.

The body of the safe is constructed from a 12 gauge steel. Its door is about 5 1/8" thick. Its door opening measures: Height 62" and Width 32". It has a total of ten 1 ½" diameter solid steel locking bolts, seven chrome plated active bolts, with an additional three inactive bolts on the hinge side for a total of four sides of bolt coverage. It is designed with a gear driven lock and bolt system for the needed strength against drill, punch, and pry attacks. It has an 8X Larger Drill/ballistic resistant hard plate to protect the lock, the gear drive, and vulnerable areas of the linkages from being drilled or manipulated. It also has a spring loaded re-locking bolt that ensures that in case the lock is removed during a burglary attack, this will be activated. All other features make the Heavy Duty 45 Long Gun Safe, a cut above the rest. Each purchase is covered by a lifetime fire and burglary as well as a year in home repairs against manufacturers defects.

Honeywell 1108 is a security chest that is designed to protect your documents from either water and fire damage. It is designed to have a storage capacity of 1.06 cubic feet. This safe can withstand fire of up to 1700F for one hour. The waterproof seal verifies that this safe is able to a prevent any interior water damage and can withstand 48 hours of being in up to 39 inches of water. This fire safe for documents is provides enough space for any legal letters as well as A4 size hanging file folders. So if you are looking for a secure storage for legal documents like birth certificates, land titles, and similar documents, you can consider this safe as one of the best alternatives.

This product from Honeywell was granted a UL Class 350 rating for an hour fire for up to 1700F /927C. It will also remain waterproof for up to 48 hours even when submerged to 39 inches/1m depth of water. The safe is designed with dual compression latches and safety hinges to ensure that documents and other valuables that you keep in it are kept protected even from the prying eyes of thieves. The interior capacity of the safe is 1.1 cubic feet. Its exterior dimensions are 13.6" H x 20" W x 17.2" D. The interior dimensions of this safe, on the other hand, are 10.6"H x 14.8"W x 12.0"D. Should you consider to purchase a unit of this safe, you are guaranteed by a 7 year limited warranty and a lifetime after-fire guarantee.

First Alert is one of the most trusted and recognized safety brand in home safety and security products in America. The 2096DF by First Alert is part of is one of the company's exclusive line of waterproof fire safes. This waterproof safe offers a complete security solution for the 3 major hazards, namely theft, flood, and fire. Its anti-theft features include patented pry-resistant concealed hinges, a programmable (3-to-8 digit code), digital lock, and 6 door-locking bolts. Its watertight seal prevents water damage to the contents that may be caused by flooding or by water that may be used in fighting a fire. This waterproof safe also floats, which will make it easy to find it during a flood. It will remain dry inside even if it has been totally submerged.

The safe has been awarded a UL classified with one-hour fire rating confirming that it can withstand an external temperature of 1700-degrees Fahrenheit while maintaining an internal temperature of less than 350 degrees. The interior of the safe is designed with a hanging file rack to allow a convenient organization of documents, two adjustable and removable shelves, a key rack, and small door pouch. These provide more space for you to fit in more items within the safe. It comes with the company standard override key that will open the safe if the code is forgotten or the batteries go dead. This safe also includes a removable extendable handle with two wheels that makes it easy to be moved around. A purchase of the First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe with Digital Lock comes with a 5-year limited warranty. The company also guarantees a replacement free of charge if it becomes damaged in a fire

1210 Fire-Safety Security Chest by SentrySafe is a compact and versatile storage for your valuables. It offers the best features that will ensure that your valuables are kept safe not only from thieves, but from fire as well. SentrySafe is a trusted name when it comes to providing high quality safes. The 1210 Fire Safety Security Chest can protect your family's most important documents, media, and other valuables, including your pistols from fire damage. This product has passed international safety requirements. It was granted a UL Classified 1/2-hour proven fire protection. It is also ETL verified with 1/2-hour fire protection for CD's, DVD's, USB drives, and memory sticks. Its privacy key lock keeps valuables secure. It is designed with a carrying handle to make transporting your chest more convenient.

Its exterior dimensions are as follows: 6.1 in x 14.3 in x 11.2 in. On the other hand the interior dimensions of the safe are as follows: 3.5 in x 12 in x 7.5 in. It provides a total of 18 cu. ft capacity and weighs 14 lbs. It has an interior bolt down feature that allows the safe to be anchored on the floor or table. This product has received a good amount of favorable feedback from customers and available online for others to check out before deciding if this fireproof safe is the one they are looking for. What is more interesting is that in the event of a fire, SentrySafe promises to replace your fire-resistant product.

Protect your valuables against fire and theft with the Barska AX11902 Fireproof Digital safe that features a solid steel construction and a fireproof design for reliable sturdy protection. Its digital entry with two-digit PIN code retention system makes it easy to access stored items inside the vault. It also comes with an emergency override key that enables you to open the safe even without entering the combination whenever the battery that runs the electronic keyboard is dead or needs replacement. It is made of solid steel construction with a powder coat interior and exterior, an 8.2mm door thickness and 5.4mm body thickness provide a durable design for this safe. Moreover, its tamper-proof hinges offer reinforced protection.

This safe is designed with removable shelf that allows you to organize your items conveniently. Its fireproof design allow it to withstands temperatures up to 1700° for up to 1 hour to keep your valuables protected. It is designed with a large metal handle for easier opening of the safe. The easy-to-read LED display on the door of the safe promotes visibility needed when keying in the codes even in low-light conditions. Its body is constructed from extra thick gauge solid steel with its exterior having the following dimensions: 17.55inch x 14.82inch x 11.89inch, its interior dimensions are 13.26inch x 9.55inch x 7.41inch, on the other hand. Its door opens to the right.

Looking for the best fireproof safe for your firearms can be tricky and will take some time to do, especially with the number of products offering similar features. Searching through hundreds of products may require you to make a thorough research and also check fireproof safe reviews for the right product that will provide you with the features that you are looking for. The good news is you have found the best site for the insight that you need to know more about this product. The Steelwater AMSWFB-450 provides a secure two-hour fireproof rating at 1850°f (1010°c) for your valuables. It is designed with 1 1/4 chrome plated active locking bolt glass re-locking system to prevent drill attacks and bolt detent to engage locking bolts whenever its door is closed.

Additional features make this safe even more reliable: a pre-drilled 1/2 diameter anchor hole, full length interlocking channel on hinge side, heavy duty external hinges - door swings +180°, adjustable, removable shelf, chrome plated 3 spoke handle specifications with exterior dimensions (h x w x d) 17 3/4 x 20 1/8 x 20 1/2 and interior dimensions (h x w x d) 11 11/16 x 14 x 12 7/8, and weighs 254 lbs. With the Steelwater AMSWFB-450 safe, you are assured that your valuables are securely stored inside its vault, even with unexpected events such as fire and burglars.


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