Our Four Picks of the Best Models: Fort Knox Gun Safes

In this review, we picked and put four Fort Knox gun safes to test. Read and see which among them made it unscathed.

What Fort Knox Stands For

Safety and security are top priority at home. Some of us decide to keep a firearm for good measure. Yet, gun ownership courts controversies for reasons that gun control has been a controversial topic to begin with. However, reason also dictates that it is your duty to protect your household and property from intruders who pose deadly threat. Now, if you own one, remember that line from the film Spiderman: With great power comes great responsibility, It is also now your duty to store the gun in a safe place. At the same time, the firearm should be easy to access when you need it.

Striking a balance between good security and quick access is the forte of Fort Knox, a United States-based gun safes and heirloom safes manufacturer. The brand that carries the line of home safes is backed by more than 30 years in the industry. The company always strives to provide you with homemade vaults that protect what is important for you. When it comes to gun safes, Fort Knox employs the thickest steel to add tensile strength. Its array of shelves also features custom interiors. You can choose how to stack your firearms up inside the safe. Here are our four picks for Fort Knox newbies:

Hallowell Fort Knox takes inspiration from its signature Rivetwell shelving, for maximum strength.It was crafted with the customers with high demands in mind. It is composed of heavy gauge steel so it is sturdy and stable. It also comes with a two-tone black and red powder coat finish.These all-welded cabinets can also be customized as a standalone or complementary to other components. You can configure the cabinet interior according to your needs. With such personalized feature, you can easily mix and match components to reflect your kind of workstation. Do take note that you can only open one drawer at a time. This is great for storage in the study or the living area, or wherever you want to get easy access to your possessions.

Our top pick is defined by the many spaces in which to store your stuff. This is not only to confuse anyone who attempts to breach your security but to hold a lot of your valuable items for easy storage and retrieval. The Fort Knox locker cabinet can also be used in gyms and offices. It should be installed according to the instructions and specifications of the manufacturer for optimal usage. For maintenance, avoid using abrasive or strong cleaners on the unit. For those who are still in doubt whether to cheap out on their first-ever gun safe, or general safe for that matter, we say don't. Ft. Knox products are known for their longevity. You will get more value for your money if you stick with the best brands like this one.

Who says you cannot store your firearms and other prized possessions with style? The concealment shelf designed by Fort Knox is a testament to another innovation in security. It is first a solid wood shelf that can be mounted on a wall, able to carry decors and displays. It sure looks like a standard shelf -- that is its selling point -- which can open when triggered from the top. But it is a good-looking shelf, to clarify. A sort of peg can be moved to the center to send a signal to the lock. A tap onto the bottom sends the lower part of the shelf to drop down. That is when the concealed objects can be accessed, and they can be anything: from handguns to car keys.

So you can hide and grab your weapon without dealing with any lock combinations. Then you get a stylish shelf that blends with the other elements in the room. It is 9-inch deep, making enough room for, say, a pistol. This is a beautiful, sturdy alternative to having to install vaults in the room or study. Fort Knox has the exclusive rights to selling this type of security device. And through this product, you can simply hide your weapons from plain sight and then access them when you need to. This is great for when you have young kids who cannot reach this height yet. If you want to ensure that nobody gets to the weapons, you can place the shelf strategically in the house.

The Fort Knox Personal Handgun Safe PB4 also sports the same Simplex mechanical pushbutton lock that makes PB1 stand out. This system allows for simple management of your combination. There are no batteries, cards, keys, and computer programs to deal with. To top that, you can try 1,081 combinations to ensure that your pistols, Glock 40s, and the likes are stored safely. No surprise and accidental opens! The world-class construction of Fort Knox handgun vault also gives off a reliable vibe. It has a 10 gauge steel body with 3/16'plate door. To boot, it is finished with durable antique silver-textured powder coat. Though it looks a bit more bulky than the PB1, the PB4 is not that heavy at 13 pounds.

A fantastic personal gun safe, it comes with a Dean Safe sock to ensure your weapons are stored separately, avoiding getting scratches on them. For the simplicity of its interface, the PB4 is a superb, high-quality safe to use. As our top 3 pick, we recommend it to first-time users who want to store handguns in one place. It is also excellent for those who do not want to work the fingerprinting and other digital methods of negotiating locks. Again, Fort Knox definitely did not disappoint with this one. As if we cannot find any more reason to buy this, the PB4 comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty. It is extremely reliable, having surpassed the firearm safety requirements of the California Department of Justice.

For over 30 years, the Fort Knox brand has been known for manufacturing hardware that keeps firearms, among others, safe. This PB1 handgun vault version gives you peace of mind as it lets you store your weapon away from children. It bolts easily to the floor or wall. On the other hand, it has a fast-opening push button to simplify retrieval in case of emergency. Unlike other small models, it is not battery-dependent so it does not fail opening when you need it to. Do not be fooled by its small size though -- which is good enough to store a pistol -- because the safe is a heavyweight. If you wish to store more than one handgun, make use of the gun sock to avoid scratching.

This nifty device from Fort Knox is more than enough to last you a lifetime. It is a good investment for its price. And when it comes to safety and security at home, cheaping out is not an option. For those who prefer mechanical safes, this one does away with the beeps and buttons that can sometimes be distracting and frustrating to use. As a precautionary measure, gun owners are advised to change the lock combination on a regular basis. This is to keep curious kids from accessing the weapon when their inquisitive streak strikes. Simple to use, this little box allows you to update the combo as frequently as you can. This is our top 4 pick for its sturdy built, its maximization of size and space, and the smart integration of a mechanical system.


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