Fortress Gun and Personal Safes: All of Them Reviewed

We review four Fortress gun safes that are affordable but do the job.

What You Need To Know

Thought about getting a cheaper vault but do not know whom to ask? Fortress is the more affordable brand from a leading vault manufacturer based in Idaho. Their aim is to provide the kind of protection you would come to expect from more expensive vaults at a price one can afford. Their personal safes and gun safes do not rely upon more pricey things such as biometrics or others, in order to keep the price point down. In relative terms, their products offer quality protection for your guns and other weapons at a price you can easily and readily afford.

As gun owners, we are aware that you might be looking for somewhere to stow your handguns, your ammo, or even your tablets, as one of the personal safes we will feature will show. What we appreciate about them in general is that they do the job you expect them to do--protecting your valuable weapon without sacrificing the need for solid, durable workmanship that would make this all possible. We hope that this list will offer you a glimpse of what Fortress gun safes can offer and give you information you might need in order to purchase one of these safes.

The Heritage Fortress Pistol Box comes in a number of sizes depending on the size of one's firearm, from small to extra-large. This particular Fortress gun safe is locked by a classic quick dial lock that one can find, for example, in briefcases or other such luggage. It basically involves a predetermined set of numbers on different dials that, if in the right order, will open the pistol box. This particular personal safe also has a cable tie which is tougher than any on the market, which when locked holds the pistol in place so that one would not run off with the pistol and the safe all at once. In fact, one can hold the safe and deter a kid from playing with it!

One other feature that this has is that the pistol rests on a recess within a layer of foam. The recess nestles the gun and protects it from needless impact as much as it could, thus causing a possible misfire. We have heard feedback, mostly positive, from owners who found the quick dial lock impressive despite its looking cheap, or from owners who were glad that this Fortress gun safe kept people honest and kept the kids away from playing with the guns. In any case, we hope that you enjoyed looking over this list of Fortress gun safes and personal safes. We trust that this would have kept you informed about your options for purchasing such safes and keeping your guns or other valuables secure and sound.

One feature the Fortress Home Safe With Swiper Lock has in common with the vault we reviewed in #4 is its alarm. The Alarm U system, which can be programmed, senses the vault for any sign of untoward movement and sounds an alarm when an unauthorized user tries to pry open the vault or do something similar. This Fortress gun safe holds not only small firearms but also other valuables such as one's passport, important documents, jewelry, or other such items. This gun safe also meets the minimum requirements of the California Department of Justice for firearm storage safes or other similar devices of its sort, meaning that it would be able to store one's firearms and other valuables safely and securely without one worrying about it.

One unique feature that this particular Fortress gun safe has is its means of opening it, which is either a swipe card or a combination keypad, or if one includes it, the manual override key. The swipe card mechanism makes use of a unique magnetic card that comes with the device, which can be kept by the safe's owner for swiping to open the vault. The keypad, of course, has a programmable combination which can be entered either by the owner or by those who are authorized to access it. The manual override key comes into play when the batteries run out or either system malfunctions. There are therefore three proper ways to access the one thing that will keep your valuables secured and safe.

The Fortress Mobile Security Safe is more of a personal safe than a gun safe, unless you have a small pistol (and some of us do!). This Fortress personal safe is meant to hold tablets and other similar gadgets, plus valuables such as documents, jewelry, or watches, inside its container, which is colored blue and has a convenient handle for carrying around. One distinct feature is its lock, which is a programmable combination lock that is electronically operated. While it may not be as high-end as a biometric safe in terms of keeping your valuables secure, this personal safe does the job pretty well. If the combination does not work, especially if the built-in batteries run out, there is a manual override key that would open the safe.

One other feature of the Fortress Mobile Security Safe is a cable tie that is attached to the personal safe. This in turn attaches to the tablet or other mobile device one is carrying so it does not leave the box in case someone unwanted wants to take it around with them while the personal safe is open. This feature is more attractive to gun owners who may want to consider this Fortress gun safe, because one can easily attach a pistol or other handgun to the cable for greater security. General user feedback is that this safe does the job pretty well. We agree, as we actually took this along with us for a long airline trip and we did not worry one bit about our tablet being stolen.

The most important feature of the Fortress Alarming Quick Pistol Safe is its built-in Alarm U alarm, which senses the vault for signs of tampering and unauthorized break-ins. The alarm is very sensitive to motion, which means that when someone tries to open the safe, the alarm will go off and warn people around the house that a possible break-in would occur. This gun safe holds one pistol, though later models provide a shelf for holding more than one gun or other documents and valuables. The safe itself is made of 12-gauge steel, which meets the minimum requirements of the California Department of Justice, a nationally accepted standard for gun safes and other storage for weapons. This offers an assurance of safe, convenient storage for one's handgun.

Feedback we have received from users and from our own experience has been generally positive. Users praise the way it keeps guns out of children's reach, because it would be hard for them to figure out the combination unless they are too patient. They also like how the steel walls are fairly sturdy, something to which we can attest ourselves when we tried breaking into it (and setting off the alarm). Finally, users appreciate the fact that its memory can hold a combination well for a pretty long while. There are two downsides: first, the alarm has to be deactivated every time it is switched on, though we believe newer models overcame this problem. Secondly, this Fortress gun safe has a lock and key system which some users might find flimsy and cheap.


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