Four Features of the Best Gun Safes for Your Money

We discuss four features of the best gun safes for your money.

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What You Need To Know

If you are looking for a new gun safe, the best thing to consider is whether this gun safe is the best gun safe for your money. Investing in one means investing in something that will secure your weapons against thieves or anyone who is not authorized to use a gun, for example, small children. It is not easy to find a good safe without considering the features that would make this a secure and reliable one, so we list four features of the best possible gun safes for one's money. These features include those that are generally accepted industry standards.

The key to finding a good bedside gun safe is to ask yourself four questions: is it durable? Does it have a good warranty? Is there a sturdy and foolproof access system? Can you mount it in a safe place? As owners of handguns, we feel that these questions, and more besides, can be answered by looking up exactly what the features of the various gun safes on sale are and how they might meet our needs. You too need to ask these queries and make sure that they are satisfactorily answered before you can even consider purchasing a particular gun safe.

Making It Last

The first feature of the best gun safe for your money is the way it is constructed. Most gun safes are constructed with steel, and that is the minimum requirement of the California Department of Justice to be considered a proper gun safe. But what kind of steel wall are we talking about? Relatively inexpensive gun safes would have something on the order of 12-gauge steel construction, which is fine if you are looking for a lock box, but most of the gun safes that would provide great value for money would have 16-gauge or higher thickness for their steel walls. Another factor to consider here is whether a gun safe is fire resistant. No gun safe is entirely fireproof. One thing to look at is the fire resistance rating, which gives you an idea of how long a gun safe would stay intact before it entirely melts and destroys its contents.

The second feature of what we could consider the best gun safes for your money is what the manufacturer promises if there is any damage or loss to the gun safe. That, dear reader, is what we call the warranty. Most manufacturers would offer a limited warranty, which covers only certain aspects of the gun safe, such as the paint or the lock, but these might not be enough for those who are concerned about their vault's safety. One thing to consider, for example, is the term of the warranty. It has to be long enough to reflect the manufacturer's commitment to say, the vault's durability and difficulty of being stolen. Another would be the terms of the warranty. Some manufacturers would have warranties that allow for full replacement of a gun safe if it gets broken into, for instance. It is best to get in touch with the manufacturer to find out the terms of a warranty and to make sure they would stand by it in the event the worst happens.

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Keeping It Safe

The third feature of the best gun safes for your money is whether it can provide good and quick access to your vault. There are several ways these days of providing quick access to one's gun safe. One of these is biometrics, which has become increasingly popular, but the downside is that biometric sensors may not work in a stressful situation. Another would be electronic numeric keypads, which use a combination of numbers to access the gun safe, but it might not work if one forgets the combination. Still another would be pattern combination safes, which rely on a pattern of buttons that would be more easily accessible if one commits it to muscle memory. Most gun safes and lock boxes have manual override keys that would be needed if any of these systems fail, but keys can be lost pretty easily. Choose a system that will meet your needs and be safe from those who do not have authorized access to your safe.

The final feature of the best gun safes for your money is related to the one above, especially in terms of making sure that your vault is safe from thieves. The key to this is understanding how it is easier to access a gun safe with tools if one can easily tip over the safe into a certain position so that it can be opened more easily. This means that one key feature to consider is whether it could be mounted at all. Most gun safes and lock boxes come with anchors or screws to attach these safes to a wall or a floor with the hardware to perform such tasks. Consider where you want to mount a safe so that it cannot be easily removed and tipped over, thus letting thieves break into it more easily. Smaller safes are usually mounted against walls or certain places like nightstands or shelves. Larger safes can more easily be bolted unto the floor. Make sure the safe's manufacturer has all the parts you need to secure your safe well.

Our Verdict

We were able to discuss four of the features of the best gun safes for your money. We first discussed how durable a safe's construction should be, emphasizing both the steel walls and fire resistance. We talked next about warranties, where we pointed out the need to check what manufacturers have to offer. We then mentioned different kinds of access systems, from biometric gun safes to manual backup locking devices. Finally we mentioned how it is key to a good gun safe that it could be mounted in such a way that thieves would not get into it. There are more features to consider besides, of course.

If you are considering the best gun safes for your money, take a look at these factors and see whether the gun safe you want to buy will have them. After all, as we said at the start, securing your gun and perhaps all your valuables should be worth all the investment you put into it. We thank you for reading this, and we hope that you would go elsewhere on this site to check out product reviews, lists, and other information about gun safes and other personal safes. We hope that you will find something useful and interesting to help protect your property and your family.