The 7 Must-Have Types of Hidden Gun Safes

Vaults are now too obvious a location for keeping your protective weapons and prized possessions. So, what about you consider other ways to conceal them?

Creative Ways to Conceal Guns

Here's a confession: I keep a collection of guns at home. Some of these bad boys are presents or heirloom pieces from my craftsman-slash-hunter father. That is why I have to protect them from being misused as much as I need to access them to protect myself when I am, unfortunately, in danger at home. At first, it was a bit tricky to organize them in one place because this collection was not meant to be displayed as if in a museum. So when I transferred to a bigger place, I decided to try on different types of concealing them from guests, especially kids, and of course, the evil people who might trespass my home.

There are factors to be considered when you employ this method, which is simply a creative way of concealing your firearms and other important properties. Hidden gun safes now come in many forms, so the first consideration is to make sure that your chosen style works for you. That is, it will allow you quick access and reliable safekeeping. Next, it should be able to contain all the items you want to store. Some of the products presented here can fit together handguns and long guns. Others are limited to handling pistols alone; some are more efficient for storing rifles. Take your time in choosing the one that will work best for you.

American-made Covert Cabinets wall shelf hidden storage is amazing in its simplicity. Just hang the shelf on the wall, place decors as you usually would, and then hide your firearms, jewelry, and the like in the hidden compartment. Nothing would give away this secret safe -- no hinges, locks, or even buttons. Instead, a magnetic lock is hidden in the interior. Using a magnetic key access, which can blend into your display, you can easily tap the compartment to open.The device uses a drop-down method but without letting the contents slide. This is made possible by a mechanism called the 'stabilus' dampener gas spring. I love it for its subtle and stylish effect at home, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who wants such artistry to be part of their home.

The concept behind the Covert Cabinets hidden gun safe both is intelligent and interesting. You can mount it high enough so that the kids won't be able to reach it and play with the magnetic lock. At the same time, it provides you with a quick access to your weapon or valuable. About its make: the Tuscan finish can still be improved, but it is definitely one of the good-quality ones to find in the market. I like the fact that for its cost, I already purchased an interior element in my home as well as a defense and protection tool for myself and my firearms.My pistols and some prized possessions fit nicely within the hidden compartment. I cannot praise this product enough.

Perhaps you have seen this style in the movies, where the main character pulls out a gun during a fight scene in a...library. I may have totally invented that, but books have always been considered a treasure. The trend these days is that they themselves can also be a hidden safe for your valuables. And what more if you use a dictionary that is actually made of steel? This is by far one of the smartest ways to keep handguns and high-figure properties out of plain sight. If the metal construction concerns you (too obvious perhaps for your taste?), a good old plastic jacket did the trick for me. Besides, it is just the right size to be considered as a common book just like the others on the shelf.

The BARSKA dictionary safe comes with a lock and key. It is a handy tool for keeping handguns and important odds and ends like bank cards and passports, as well as playing a prank on someone. I definitely recommend it for gifting to your guy pals. But good fun aside, the size and space of this faux dictionary serve the concept of the product well. For the purpose and the price, this one is a solid, well-built safe to rely on for your little knick knacks. It is a tiny solution that rewards you peace of mind in return. Just make sure you always know where you kept the key. The only disadvantage I can think of is that it does not define words for you.

The Quick Vent Safe with RFID capability is a pretty nifty idea especially if your vents are installed near the floor. I've got mine mounted a bit higher than the normal human height. But no matter, I still find it useful for storing documents that I cannot quite catalog yet. It took only 10 minutes to set this up with the help of a friend 'no sweat. The RFID button works excellently, hasn't failed me so far. This locking system is better than the magnetic lock sported by similar products. Well-designed and well-engineered, the vent safe fits all right into the wall. For quicker access, and if it does not seem out of place at all, the vent safe can be installed adjacent to the floor.

I like it that there is an extra battery pack for backup when the primary one runs out of power. Lithium batteries for longer battery life cycle would be an awesome addition. One upgrade that I also want to see is a bigger vent, so I can stash a couple more of my buddies inside. Another is that the width be extended so the vent can actually reach both studs for more efficient mounting. I will be on the lookout for these updates, as I am willing to buy a newer version when Quick makes these changes. For the meantime, I am content with the work this vent safe has delivered so far. It serves its purpose and comes at a great price at that!

This caught my eye because first, it's called Wolverine Holsters, and second, it is an under-the-desk holster. This Blue Stone Safety product provides a smart way of storing pistols. I can easily slide my Kimber or Beretta or Sig Sauer under my study desk or another table where I want a quick access to my handgun. You can also choose to install one under your office desk. It's like a game of concealment where no one but you knows where a firearm can be drawn anytime. Well, of course, handling such powerful weapons is not a game per se. Don't get me wrong on that. But if you want to be smart about hiding your defense tools, this is one of the better ways to go.

The Blue Stone Safety Wolverine under-the-desk holster is a sturdy product with excellent holster stitching. Some find the elastic band a bit tight, but I do not see any fault in its flexibility. I find it easy to pull the gun out and put it back -- this without any signs of wearing out at one year old. Let me also address here the length of the screws, as some might think that the pointy end might go through the fixed sliding panel of the drawer to which the holster would be attached. Fret not. This will not be the case with the Wolverine secret holster. This product defines what unobtrusive, hidden gun safe or holster should be like. At the same time, it also proves that high quality and affordability can go hand in hand.

In this life, you cannot be too sure. So if you have a safe under your head, you should also have one under your bed. The 47 x 6.5 x 13 Fast Box can be attached to the floor. The device also comes with a touchpad electronic lock. These features make for faster access. But in case you forget your combo, you can always override it with a key. The interior is quite deep to keep all your stuff. This SecureIt gun safe is not that heavy. You can place your tactical defense handgun and a couple of rifles -- depending on the size of each weapon. If you can have the pillow safe for your gadgets, then you can use the hidden gun safe for your firearms.

If I were you, I'd feel safer having both options as well. Now, I see that not all of us are limber. So, instead of installing it horizontally, you can mount this on the wall of your bedroom closet. You will have to purchase the vertical kit for this purpose. There is also the option to use the top access position. There are holes inside the Fast Box for mounting on the floor or the bed frame. An additional purchase of 4 saddles and 4 extra bungees will be needed. You can always send an email to SecureIt if you are having troubles with the bungee and saddle installation. But for a quick tip: two saddles are required to hold a rifle; each saddle needs two bungees to stay in place.

There are days I feel like doing a Jamie Chung or Lucy Liu but I cannot even kick above the knee level to save my life. But as you might have noticed, I'm a little paranoid. It is most apparent when I'm at home (this is why I travel a lot). And if any of you should come by my place, you would not easily spot which actually is my gun concealment bench. I have several storage and benches, and one of them is by American Furniture Classics. The others are custom-made for me by my artisan father. But you don't even have to conceal your gun concealment bench because it already does a good thing blending as an element in your apartment's interior design.

If you want to put your long guns in one place, this is your baby. It can store up to three rifles and / or shotguns, plus some ammo and cases. I like how it is space-saving and handy in case something untoward happens. But on normal days, it just serves as a decorative piece of furniture. And it does not even need a lock. I would not recommend it if you have children in the house. Since I live alone, I put several rifles I use when I go hunting with my brother and dad. But when the nephews and nieces visit, it can easily be turned into a toy storage bench. If you can't afford a real safe yet do not want to broadcast that you have guns -- or hang it in the fireplace, just like in the stories -- then let this well-built American Furniture Classics bench do the hiding for you.

Are you a strategist who has outlined her defense in case the bad guys get in the bedroom? Add this to your arsenal of tools -- err, more like, make it the one that contains them. The Pillow Safe serves as your last line of protection at night, while you are sleeping. It has a slot in which you can keep a handgun. And don't worry about having to lie on your weapon. Pillow Safe has been proven safe to store handguns in, as well as iPads, keys, passports, and other essentials. Some people can only snooze better knowing that their prized possessions are occupying the same space as they are. This sounds like an obsession, but I'm pretty sure you swear by 'better safe than sorry'.

I do. That's how I know. The Pillow Safe even goes with me during travels. Don't ask me how, but I do manage to stuff it in my check-in luggage. Not that I carry around a firearm when I go abroad, but it is better to stuff all my travel documents and IDs under my head than wonder whether someone is trying to steal my identity -- or probably just the bills I stuck in the passport holder -- while I am snoring. I know of a few people who complain that the pillow is too thin to rest your head on. Here's a tip: Use it as a second pillow if you have the luxury of having extra in guesthouses. I think of it as a security, not comfort, pillow so I don't have the same complaint.


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