Top 7 Gun Safes From Homak: One of The World's Pioneer Manufacturers

Here are top 7 highest quality gun safes from one of the world's leading safe maker, Homak.

What You Need To Know Up Front

For more than 69 years, Homak, a trusted name in safety and protection products, has been providing high quality hardware, including storage box, hand-carry toolboxes, tool bags, parts organizers, fire-resistant homak safes, and more. The wide range of Homak gun safe designs can accommodate even hard-to-fit gun pieces such as the long guns. Depending on the size and shape of the safe you purchase, you may fit this storage against the wall or even in your closet. Each of these items is manufactured to exceed customer's expectations, and provides strength and dependability to the customer. A number of customer reviews prove that the products that they carry can withstand even the toughest punch or the strongest storm, even tornados. They also profess overall satisfaction with the quality of after sales service that they receive.

When looking for top Homak gun safes, you can consider the insights that we provide amongst the best. We are committed to reviewing only the best available products at the lowest prices for any category that interests our readers. For you to make that reliable and smart decision every time, consider checking out our every growing list of reviews not only of safety and protection products, but all other products available on for sale online. For the mean time, you can check out this list which includes the top seven among those promoted by Homak. One of these could finally end up being one of your well-loved possession.

To keep your pistols away from your kids and avoid any untoward accidents, you need a reliable storage for them. However, with the number of available models online, you need to be fully aware of the features of each so you will be able to decide intelligently. Of those brands offering options, Homak is considered among the best. They have been serving the needs for safety and protection products of clients all over the world for almost seven decades now. With the Homak electronic access pistol box, you know you have something reliable and had been trusted by many for their storage needs. Give yourself a break and get that peace of mind that comes from knowing that you have a reliable safe for the things that keep you and your family protected.

Homak is known to provide quality products at an affordable price. One of these reliable models is the HS10036685. It is one of the pistol boxes that offers the same security as other Homak products offer. Other sizes available for this model is the small and the medium-sized electronic access pistol box. This is a fairly tough safe that is built with heavy 1.5mm steel. It offers quick access using a programmable electronic lock. This makes it impossible for kids to break into the gun safe even they finally found where you have hidden or installed it. Homak pistol boxes come in three sizes--small, medium, and large. HS10036685 refers to the large pistol box with dimensions as follows: 10 x 14.25 x 7.5 inches. It comes with the company standard powder coat epoxy finish, a 15-minute security lockout after entering wrong codes three times, electronic keypad that are runs on four 9v AA batteries. For the best safe for your handgun, this Homak safe is the one you need to invest on.

From the maker of quality quick access gun safes and other security storage for handguns, long guns and other premium products, comes another excellent product that set the standard for security safes within the industry. This is the ultimate, between the studs wall safe available for sale online. WS00017001 steel wall safe offers high security. It is the only safe available in the market that is designed with a flush lock for the discreet security you need for your valuables. Moreover, it comes with four mounting holes that are 16" on center, for easy installation on wall framing right between two studs. It has tamper-resistant lock and comes with two keys.

It is made of heavy 1.5mm steel construction and has heavy-duty swing hinge door that make it difficult for burglars to pry open the safe. The interior of the safe box is 14 1/2 x 8 3/4 x 4" deep. It weighs 4 1/2 lbs. It comes with the company standard and the industry's toughest finish--powder coat epoxy. It comes with the HMC High Security Tubular Locking System for a more secure access and storage for all your valuables. A purchase of HOMAK WS00017001 comes with warranty against defect. This is a compact, convenient, and efficient wall safe you need to have to secure your valuables inside the house or in your office.

HOMAK HS30103660 is an ideal security cabinet for larger firearms. This safe provides a sturdy security storage made almost entirely of heavy-gauge steel to keep your guns secure. The dimensions of the safe are 21" x 10" x 57" (WxDxH). This gives you enough space to store even up to 8 50" shotguns or rifles. When emptied, the security cabinet weighs 64 lbs. Its door locks in place using a 4 point tubular steel construction lock system that opens with a key. The safe comes with two keys. It has a tamper proof exterior and sturdy hinges that reinforce security needed to keep your guns safe.

At 57", HOMAK HS30103660 is the tallest in the industry, and with the powder coated epoxy, it is considered the industry's toughest finish. Inside the safe are organizer bins that give more room for all other valuables and allow you to organize these valuables alongside your barrel. You can use the half-depth top shelf to store ammo and small Items, and the other half reserved for your long barrel guns. When looking for the appropriate storage cabinet for your guns, which your children will not be able to open, consider this model from Homak, a leader in safety and security product manufacturing.

Homak RTA Electronic 8-Gun Safe is perfect to keep your gun and other valuables safe. It is designed with a HMC high-security tubular locking system, a re-programmable electronic keypad with lock-out feature, two-way locking system with live-action locking bolts for that bolstered security that you want. It has chrome-plated lever for designed to allow easy opening of the safe. It is finished with textured gloss black 3.2 mil powder-coat epoxy paint. A plastic barrel rest is installed inside the safe with adhesive backing for a worry free storage of gun barrels. It comes with two internal hinges that secure doors to safe frames. It is also designed with a lockable interior ammunition box. The safe can be mounted to a wall for added. Each purchase comes with one year limited warranty.

You are concerned with the security of your family as well as your valuables. It is vital that you make the right decision when choosing for the best locker or box that can give access to valuables to only those whom you allowed. With the electronically coded vault as this being offered by Homak, you can be assured that your valuables will be stored in a secure place that is able to resist wear and tear, can easily be stored even under your bed, and will give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

This 8-gun double steel security cabinet can hold an impressive collection of rifles and shotguns of up to 50 inches in length and still have more room left for your supplies for hunting, camping, and even other valuables. It comes with two doors providing an easier access and unmatched security. This safe is made with heavy duty steel that is nearly an inch in thickness. It has piano hinges and four point tubular locks for the added security needed in securing hand guns and rifles. The safe's left cabinet dimensions are 11.75W x 8.75D x 56.75H inches, the right cabinet dimensions, on the other hand are 20.25W x 8.75D x 56.75H inches. The safe's overall dimensions are 32W x 10D x 57H inches. This safe has been a favorite of many customers.

It is designed with a 4-point HMC High Security Tubular Locking Mechanisms (two are installed in one of the two opposites ends of the safe's doors, which work like this: when its key is turned to lock the safe, a durable steel locking bar and plate secures the door at two separate points. When the key turned to lock the lower portion, a durable steel bar secures the bottom of the door for point 3 and the plate secures the side of the door at the lock location for point 4. The cabinet is manufactured with pre-drilled holes for mounting to the wall. The four bolt mounting hardware are included with each cabinet for installation.

With Homak HS30120080 8-Gun First Watch Steel Security Cabinet, you can safely and securely store firearms, ammo, and other valuables. This sturdy gun safe is constructed of steel with 1/4-inch steel rod, heavy duty steel plate, and full length piano hinge to ensure that your valuables will be provided with the expected security every time. It is designed with one metal shelf to for a more organized storage. It is designed with a foam base inside the safe, as well as a barrel rest kit to prevent scratching or damage to firearms.

The body of the safe is finished with a high gloss 3.2 mil powder coat Epoxy paint. It is also designed with a HMC high security tubular locking system for an easier and worry-free access to the valuables stored inside the safe. Its door frame is reinforced with steel tubing for a sturdier safe that you may need. There are pre-drilled mounting holes included in each purchase. Interior measurements of the safe are 20 7/8-inch width, 8 7/8-inch depth, 54 7/8 height (in inches), and weighs 64 lbs. The safe's storage capacity is 6.68 cubic feet. Each purchase of this homak wall safe, your purchase is backed by a year of limited warranty.

Guns and children are never meant to be together. If you have a gun at home that you want to keep for protection purposes, you need to make sure that your kids never lay their hands, even their eyes on them. Even with the number of possible storage or location where you can discreetly keep your pistol, there are a number of concerns you still need to consider such as the strength of the box or the storage, the security of the locking system, if there is any. With the Homak electronic access pistol box, these concerns are addressed right away. With the appropriate design and size of the Homak product the you may choose from, you will finally be able to enjoy a day free of worry, knowing that your pistol, as well as other valuables have been kept securely.

HS10036683 is a fairly tough safe built with quality steel and offers quick access using a programmable electronic lock. This makes it impossible for kids to break into the gun safe even they finally found where you have hidden or installed it. Homak pistol boxes come in three sizes--small, medium, and large. HS10036683 refers to the small pistol box with dimensions as follows: 10 x 3.5 x 7.5 inches. This safe is made of powder coated epoxy, which is considered the toughest finish for safety products such as this. It is set with a 15-minute security lockout after entering wrong codes three times. You may program your personal code, which you may use to store and access your valuables inside the safe. This safe is constructed from a heavy 1.5 mm steel. It is designed with electronic keypad that are runs with four 9v AA batteries. Its piano hinge on its door safely secures your guns and other valuables. For a discreet installation, you may mount the safe inside a closet, a drawer or in your vehicle.


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