How to Choose the Best Home Safe: What You Need to Know

We discuss four things to consider when getting the best home safe for you.

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What You Need To Know

Are you in need of storage for your valuable goods, such as jewelry? Do you want to buy the best home safe possible for your place? There are lots of things to consider, but today we will talk about four things to think about when choosing the best home safe. The first would be its durability of construction, the second would be its capacity to withstand fire and water hazards, the third would be what kind of lock to get for such a safe, and the last would be the size of a possible home safe. Not all of the best home safes may meet all your needs, but it is good to consider those. If you are looking for fireproof safes, check out this review!

Homeowners with some possessions such as jewelry or guns, like ourselves, may want to think about why these factors are important. The first reason is simple: we do want our valuables to stay safe because we've made so much of an investment on them. The other is equally simple: buying a safe is an investment towards a more secure home because having a home safe is the last line of defense against thieves, overly curious visitors, and hazards such as fire and flooding. No home security system can work unless you have various layers of protection, and a safe is no less a key to this.

Durability Matters

The first thing to consider when getting the best home safe possible for your house is durability, and we would measure this by two indicators. The first is the thickness of the steel. Most of the more affordable home safes would have low-gauge steel, but consider the possibility that thieves have tools that would be able to hack apart a thinner steel vault. A good home safe should have thick enough steel to withstand this. Another related means is checking if the safe is durable enough to survive a drop test, usually as certified by an independent rating agency (about more of which in a bit). The drop test will indicate, for example, whether the inner chamber of a safe survives relatively intact when it is dropped from a height, usually 15 feet. Safes of somewhat shoddy construction would rarely survive such a test, so it is best to check that certification.

Apart from human intervention, two hazards might be able to strike any of the best home safes you are considering. These two are, of course, fire and water. Water resistance means that the contents of a safe can remain relatively intact for some time even when the home safe is flooded and the flood is quite deep. Some safes can provide waterproofing for up to an hour, which is long enough to get it to a safer, drier place. Fire resistance means how much it can stand up to a fire at a given temperature for a given period of time before the safe melts and its contents burn. This is one thing that is tested by Underwriters Laboratories, an independent testing agency, and you should look for the UL mark on a safe's packaging before buying to see how much fire resistance it has. The best home safes rate very well in terms of keeping your valuables safe from a fire.

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Locking Things Up

Yet another thing you should consider in buying the best home safe is what kind of lock you should use. There are a lot more kinds on the market than there used to be in the old days, when all you could get was the classic tumbler combination lock. These still are available, but there are far more in the market. There are pattern combination locks that use a combination of buttons to open a safe. There are keypad combination locks that rely on a series of numbers to get a safe door swinging. Of course, there are biometric systems that use your fingerprints or that of any other authorized person to access the safe. There are combinations of all of the latter three, with a manual override system usually included. Choose one which you feel would be foolproof enough to keep your valuables safe, remember the combination, and teach it, if needed, to someone you trust. Remember that the best security measure in this case is keeping quiet about these things: loose lips sink ships, as they used to say.

The last thing you should consider in buying the best home safe is how big your safe needs to be if it will fit all the valuables you need at home. Sometimes, you might say, ?"I don't need to have a big safe. I just need to store my gun, some jewelry, my documents, and I don't think a big safe is right for those things." Well, unfortunately, we underestimate this need given how much valuable stuff we might actually have. Over time, we will accumulate more valuables that do need to be locked up, and it will be important to consider how we are going to store them. A test we learned from a friend and which we tried will help: gather all of the valuables you need to store in a safe, measure the pile altogether, and then find a safe that matches the dimensions of that pile. It might be best to provide an allowance for future growth, but we have not tried that part yet!

Save yourself the worry

We talked about four things to consider when getting the best home safe for your home. The first was how durable it is, taking into account the thickness of the steel walls and its surviving a drop test. The second was whether it would withstand the dual hazards of fire and water, and how we can check if it is certified to do so. The third was what kind of lock you should pick (no pun intended) for a home safe, going through some of the more popular options in the market today. Finally, we spoke a bit about how the size of a safe matters in the long run as you store more valuables that are meant to be kept in a safe.

So if you are going to look among the best home safes for your home, take these four things into consideration and save yourself the worry. Remember, it is going to be a big investment to keep your home safe, and as we have said, a home safe is the last possible deterrent against people who may invade your home and natural hazards such as fire and flooding. Thank you for reading this article on things to consider when buying the best home safes. You might want to consider reading more articles and product reviews on personal safes, gun safes, and home safes on our site to find out more about the latest hidden gun safes for keeping your valuables safe today.