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AMSEC is a world renowned security safes and security solutions provider.

What You Need To Know Up Front

Once you have decided to invest on a gun, the next thing you need do is to secure your firearm where only you would have access to it when an emergency occurs. There are a number of things to consider when shopping for the best gun safe to meet your needs. Moreover, just like any other major purchase, you have to be adequately informed so that you can make the right decision the first time. If this is your first time to check for related and vital information on gun and security safe, you have just landed on the right page. You're in to discover a lot about one of the best in the industry that had been offering top notch products since the 1981.

Here you will be provided with a better understanding of the security products. You will find detailed description and reviews on the most popular as well as the most efficient found in the market today. We are providing you this vital information, because we understand how important it is to you to know the features of the products, and also the models that are recognized to provide the best features, so you won't regret your decision later on. You will thank us later for laying out to you what you need to know about securing your firearms. Protecting yourself and your family is crucial. We make it easier for you, the burden will not be as much. Note that when purchasing a safe like this, you are not in for a trial and error purchase. Be sure to know the best first, so you'll have to worry less.

The Amsec TF5924E5 Gun Safe is a reliable vault that is built to meet your requirements and is sure to last. It is designed to maintain an interior temperature of less than 350 degrees Fahreheit. It also comes with a two-stage dual fire seals with silicone seal on door jamb and expandable Palusol seal on its door, making it completely sealed when closed. The vault's body is made of a 14-gauge solid steel plate with a fire insulating material. It also comes with the company standard lock AMSEC's l5 electronic locks with an illuminated keypad. Its design makes it completely drill resistant with the hard plate that has an external spring-loaded re-locking device.

It comes with four pre-cut anchor holes with a mounting hardware and one pre-cut electrical access hole for easy installation. It is constructed to be able to withstand a thirty-minute fire blast at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a three-point chrome tri-spoke handle that has slip clutch for the needed additional security and a four-way bolt work with nine massive 1. 25 inch standard locks. As a company standard, this vault is made pair with any of the 15 electronic locks with illuminated keypads AMSEC designed particularly for this safe. It measures 24 x 18 x 59 inches and weighs 388 pounds. The body of the vault is constructed with a satin black textured exterior and a mocha fabric interior including a back-cover and firewalls.

AMSEC C7 In-Floor Safe comes with a cylindrical body and is available in three different models: 9 inches deep, 13.5 inches deep, and the 19 inches deep. All these size variants come standard with a solid steel door or an optional slotted door and a a fish resistant baffle. This design allows your valuables to be securely kept without removing the door. It weighs 55 lbs, has been UL listed as manipulation resistant STAR tube floor safes have been the choice and standard vault for gas stations, fast food, small retail establishments, as well as homeowners for more than 50 years.

Other features that make AMSEC C7 In-Floor Safe a popular choice: Group II key changeable lock protected by a revolving carburized hard plate, a removable dial and drive/drill resistant spindle that prevents damage from burglary attack and additional protection from hold-up, a 7-1/4-inch clear opening for the door that is made of 1-3/4-inch solid steel, door that is secured by three bolts that requires over 25,000 pounds to shear each of these bolts, locking bolts that are made of a hardened steel positive re-locking bolt, and a water resistant, high impact molded dust cover with rubber "O"-ing seal does not slide or rattle like other covers when walked or driven on. These features garnered the device a heavy "B" rate construction.

Keeping your guns safely is not a problem anymore with a number of available gun safes available in the market today. One name you can trust with your security protection needs is American Security, a well-known brand that has been providing efficient service together with their top quality products. Among the products that they carry that has been proven to meet the requirements of many is its U.L Listed one hour fire combo safe, which has an overall dimension of 1/8x13 1/2x15 11/16 and has a total weight of 126 pounds.

It has an extra deep interior and designed with one convenient drawer shelf. The gun safe is equipped with a side locking bolt work mechanism that incorporates a 1/2'steel dead bolts. Is heavy duty 1/2'thick door with attractive two-tone sage finish secures the gun safely and keeps it from prying eyes. A clear door that measures 14 x 8' makes it easy for you to see the inside of the vault. If you are considering to buy a good vault for your pistol, you can trust AMSEC to provide you with a high quality product that will give you the peace of mind you need knowing that you valuable is kept safe any time.

For a heavy duty gun safe that still allows you to have it brought with you while on the go, the AMSEC PS1210HD Pistol Safe Handgun Box is the best option. The body of the vault is made of 10 gauge solid steel. It is designed with a massive 3/16" solid steel door and two solid steel dead bars. The interior hinge is a fully welded and concealed continuous hinge which holds the door closed from prying. The gas piston assisted door is quite easy to open, however, using the six-digit combination code that you get set up after installation. The interior of the vault is designed with a protective high density pluck foam that can fit to the exact shape of your gun. If you opt not to use this feature, just flip it over and keep your gun safely underneath.

This AMSEC PS1210HD hand gun box has a charcoal gray textured finish and designed with a heavy-duty chrome carrying handle for easier and more secure handling. It has a reliable fast access simplex push button mechanical locking device that is protected by steel housing. This ensures that the vault and your gun will be kept safe from hammering and punch attacks. The vault measures 10.25 x 12.5 x 4.25 and weighs 24 lbs, which make it convenient enough to be transported whenever needed.These features make it the strongest yet portable gun safe that is best for either a home or travel gun vault.

Another ingenious product by AMSEC is the security defense vault or the AM DV652 is designed as an under-the-bed safe that is built with a convenient pull-out drawer that enables one to easily access your firearms. The vault is made from satin black textured 14 gauge steel. It has a unique five-point slide locking bar, and features a AMSEC’s new ESL5 electronic lock that has an illuminated keypad. A foam-padded slide-out gun tray keeps your armor moist-free. For the installation of the vault , four pre-cut anchor holes with a mounting hardware is included in the package. The vault weighs 90 lbs and measures 3 3/8? x 43¼” x 13? (tray) and 6? x 52? x 14? (measurement of the vault from the outside).

Setting up the vault is easy and. Out of the box, the AM DV652 has the standard 1-2-3-4-5-6 code. After installation, you need to change the password with the same number of digits. To disengage the lock, you need to trigger the pad into action by clicking on the “C” button, enter the six digit code, and press the pound (#) key. In three seconds, the unit would have opened. You would need to slide a lever above the keypad a few inches to the right to cause the door to fall forward. Just slide the tray to get your armor and your done. You can also set the vault in stealth mode whenever necessary. This gun safe can fit a shotgun or AR-style long arm.

Keep your important documents, jewelries, security devices, and other valuables, including your firearms inside the fully secure Amsec B1500ES- a super brute floor safe is a great residential safe that offers excellent fire and theft protection. The safe's satin black textured body and flush design blends well with any interior design, and makes it easy to camouflage the safe under a rug or any covering over it. The B1500 floor safe by AmSec has a built-in piston-assist door made of 3/4-inch solid steel plate. It is designed with a digital lock with re-locker, and an additional spring loaded re-locking device that gets activated by hammering or punching on the device. Both the lock and re-locks are protected by a big carburized hard plate.

If purchasing this model of in-floor safe, you are given the option to choose the dial combination lock or an electronic lock. Door that is built with the safe is made to fit full body size, which greatly lessens any possible pry points. In addition to this, its door may be interchanged within its product group. Even as floor safes provide a secure way to keep your valuables from thieves and prohibited use, you still need to make sure that the unit is free from moisture that may affect your valuables, especially that the safe is surrounded by cement and soil. Make sure that you open your safe frequently to see if there is any moisture inside. Placing some silica gel that can absorb moisture in the atmosphere also helps inhibit the corrosion of any of your jewelries, and other valuables inside the safe, including your guns.

American Security Products WFS149 or AMSEC WFS149 is a fire wall safe built to be mounted flush in between the studs of a wall. Installation is quite easy and simple, and there’s no need to repaint or do additional putty work or re-plastering to finish the setup. An installation kit contains the following parts: body flange, wall mounting bracket assy, dressing ring assy, trim ring mounting bracket, template, flat washer, lad bolts, tamper resistant screws, and sheet metal screws. When assembled the safe weighs 106 lbs and measures 19.13" H x 13.50" W x 15.75" D on the outside, 14.00" H x 8.75" W x 10.50" D on the inside. It has an extra deep interior that measures a 0.74 cubic feet interior and has a built in drawer shelf. A clear door that measures 14 x 8½ and is 1/2? thick is available with two-tone sage finish.

The WFS149 by AmSec is designed with a combo lock with key operated side-locking mechanism that incorporates one 1/2? chrome steel dead bolts.Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an American safety consulting and certification company listed WFS149 to have an hour fire rating (for the wall safe inside temperature of up to 350° F or paper chars at 450° F. Each purchase of an AMSEC WFS149 Wall Safe comes with an easy to follow installation manual. If you are considering to buy one of these safes, you may check out for the pricing.


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