Top 15 Sturdy Safes For Sale in the Market Today

A reliable storage is what these top sturdy safe brands provide for your valuables. One of these will just be the best for you.

In This Article, We Provide You With the List of the Top 15 Sturdy Gun Safes Available in the Market Today.

Among the number of brands promising reliability and longevity when it comes to providing security and protection to your valuables, we have found that these brands deliver what they promise. Gun safes may differ depending on functionality as well as other factors. Although the serve the same purpose, not all gun safes are created equal. There are in-wall gun safes, biometric gun safes, under bed gun safes, nightstand gun safes, corner gun safes, heavy duty gun safe, etc. The choice of the type of safe you will invest on depends on how you would like them secured in your house or workplace. Most of the time looking for the best gun safe would then depend on several considerations.

If you will look around those that are available online as well as those made available by manufacturers in brick and mortar stores, you will notice that some of them only offer almost the same design and materials for the safe. Still, if you will consider the reviews and even the manufacturer's description of every product that they offer in the market, you will find out that a few names stand out. These brands offer sturdy safe gun safes that are constructed of the best available materials, the thickness of metal used is over or equal industry standard, the locking mechanism installed is at best indestructible, and fireproof rating also meets or even surpass industry standards. Here we list 15 of those brands that meet these qualifications.

The PS 520 Super-sized gun safe by Stack On is a reasonable safe for securing a variety of valuables including your guns, jewelry, and even cash at home or in the office. This safe features a pry-resistant steel door which acts as its first line of defense against intrusion or theft. This is made even more better with the two live-action steel locking bolts plus concealed hinges for impenetrable security. And as the keypad can be programmed to silent mode, you are given the chance to act discreetly when accessing the contents of the safe whenever necessary. This safe is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device that meets the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and all other regulations specified under it.

This safe weighs 44.7 pounds. You can convert areas fit specific items like ammo, pistols, jewelry, even an 8 x 11 document folders, and other items. It is designed with adjustable extended barrel rests that can accommodate the added depth required to store tactical weapons. It is designed with a low battery warning system and comes with two override keys and all needed mounting hardware for an easy and worry-free installation. It is designed to have the following exterior dimension 13.74 x 12.99 x 19.69" (349 x 330 x 500 mm), and interior dimensions (W x D x H) : 13.58 x 12.83 x 19.53 inches (345 x 326 x 496 mm).

X055 Security Safe by SentrySafe is a convenient and reliable home safe-- truly a bargain for the protection it offers. Although this safe is quite compact, approximately the size of a small microwave, you can be assured that the security that it provides for your valuables overrules this. The safe may be opened with an electronic keypad or with an override key that comes with each purchase. This makes it quite easy to use. The two override keys ensure that you will never be locked out of your own safe in case you forget the passcode or if the battery that runs the electronic keypad needs to be replaced.

It is designed with a hardened steel lock plate to protect it from drill attempts. It also has two solid steel live-locking bolts, a solid steel pry-resistant body, and a solid steel pry-resistant door with concealed hinges, that ensures the security that you are expecting from a sturdy safe and one that you can rely on to provide years of dependable service. To protect your delicate valuables against scratches and other damages, the X055 has been designed with a soft carpeted floor. Finally, a durable black finish on the safe's exterior provides a more discreet look and many years of maintenance-free use. This safe is designed with the ability to be installed easily to the floor using mounting hardware included in the product package.

There are several makes of safes available in the market today, but none come close to the ingenuity behind this cool security storage product. The Hidden Wall Safe Secret Stash Electrical Plug by US Patrol is a very intuitive diversion safe no one would know it is actually a safe as the it has been conveniently disguised as an electrical plug. With this diversion safe you can actually have small items, including cash or jewelry securely kept and away from sight.

You can install this diversion safe outlet in seconds with the setup design template and cutout saw tool that comes with the package. It comes with a key that locks and unlocks through the center screw of the fake AC plug to expose the small box at the back of the AC plug where you can store small items, including your cash. Thise home security gadget is made of high-impact plastic material and measures 7? L x 2 1/2? W x 3 1/2? H.

If you are looking for a robust, reliable, and sturdy safe that you can depend for years to come, you can consider one of the safes manufactured by Paragon Lock & Safe, a trusted name in the industry. The brand offers a safe for every valuable that you need to store--from the small jewelry safe to the large gun safe. You can always be assured that the product that you will buy from this brand will be top caliber as they are backed up with a 10-year guaranteed warranty. Now you don't need to worry about your valuables as you can find the best that suits your preference from the line of products that Paragon offers.

The QuarterMaster 7750 comes with the company standard two options to open, code or key. It allows digital entry that eliminates the need for to make multiple key copies. Its flat panel design easily and efficiently conceals the safe from burglars. It is designed to be easily to operate and program. It is larger and more robust than its competition. With the materials used, to the design, as well as the 10-year warranty that complete all other features, you are sure to get all the benefits that a safe is supposed to provide. If you are still searching for a top quality safe, consider this product from Paragon and have that peace of mind that you had been deprived of for a while.

Paragon Lock & Safe developed an excellent safety with the QuarterMaster 7700 Flat Panel Digital Keypad Deluxe Home Office Security Wall Safe. This is the re-engineered version of the company's best selling wall safe. This safe is designed with a new locking mechanism which is much "flatter" and is easier to conceal. It is perfect for both home and office use. It is designed that it can be securely installed in a concealed location like behind a picture or inside a closet where no one can easily access your valuables that are inside the safe. The QuarterMaster 7700 by Paragon offers two options to open the lock--by using the re-programmable code or the override key that comes with the package. You can be certain that you will be purchasing a real deal as Paragon includes a 10-Year Manufacturer Warranty for every purchase.

Considering that this safe costs less that similarly and is packed with more features, you are assured that you are getting the most of your money's worth. Constructed with solid steel to resist hand and mechanical tool attacks. Pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts allowing anchoring. Powder coated interior and exterior. Safe door opens to the right. The safe is constructed from 1/8" thick solid steel. Inside tamper-proof hinges. Grey carpet mat padding on interior bottom. Exterior dimensions of the box is 22" high x 16 1/4" wide x 4" deep, while the interior wall dimensions are 20.25" high x 14.25" wide x 3.8" deep. The safe weighs around 39 pounds. The safe comes in off white color.

Stack-On drawer safes are top quality gun safes. The company make a few different models including the Stack-On PDS 1500. This is a California-approved Firearm Safety Device that has met all the requirements of Penal Code section 23655 and the regulations issued under this Code.Drawer safes are great because they can be stored away easily for added security beside your nightstand or in your closet. The Stack On PDS 1500 features a 3-point locking system plus a key coded cylinder lock, comes with two override keys for backup, and an adjustable barrel rests that are extended to allow the added depth needed to store tactical weapons. Although the PDS 1500 can also be wall mounted, you still need to verify if your product comes with the needed mounting system.

The safe's electronic lock has a large button keypad where you can input your personalized 3-8 digit security codes. If the code is keyed in three times incorrectly, it will result in a 20-second lockout. The safe is made of solid steel, pry resistant door that has concealed hinges and 2 steel live action locking bolts designed to provide the best protection for the safe and everything that is in it. It is designed with a low battery warning system. It comes with the following measurements 4.38 x 11.81 x 8.63-inches and weighs 13.1 lbs. Its interior is soft with foam padding to ensure that the valuables that you will put store inside the vault will be protected. Each purchase comes with a guaranteed three-year user warranty.

This is one remarkable security vault that you need to consider if you are looking for a reliable and sturdy safe. The Quarter Master 7775 Safe by the Paragon Lock & Safe Co. will easily store and keep your valuables safe at home or office with this digital safe. Paragon Lock & Safe has been offering the best quality safes for the best prices for almost a decade now. Its name is synonymous with dependability and solid security. The 10 year guaranteed warranty that each of the product that they provide is a testament to these. This particular product works with the override key included in the package or your using a customized digital code you can program any time after installation of the safe.

For additional security, the hinges of the safe have been concealed so you are assured that they are tamper-proof. Contents of the vault or the safe will be accessible with digital codes to eliminate the need for making multiple key copies. It is quite easy to operate and program. Plus, it offers a great storage space and is more robust than any of its competition. It opens with a programmable PIN code or an override key that comes with the package (two keys are provided for each package). It runs on 1.5v AA batteries that are provided. It is designed constructed from 11 gauge solid steel that is able to resist hand and mechanical tool attacks. It has pre-drilled holes inside the safe with fixing bolts for convenient anchoring. Its interior and exterior are powder coated finished. Grey carpet mat padding on inside bottom. It has external dimensions of 19 3/4" H x 14" W x 13" D, internal dimensions of 19" H x 13.5" W x 12" D, weighs.55 lbs.and comes in dark Grey.

Combination locks are just about everywhere. Most, even you, might have already used one at some point. A UL-rated combination lock is more secure than a cheap combo lock. However, the basic operation for all these locks are just the same. If you have opened a combination lock before, you would know how to access this combination safe. Just like any other combination locks, the Sentry Safe XX-Large Water/Fire-Resistant Safe provide reliable protection for any home office. This product has a third party verified protection claims (UL and ETL) against fire and flood. This give you the peace of mind knowing that the important documents and valuables you might have inside the vault are and will be safe during and after any similar incidence.

The safe is equipped with a combination lock, a pry-resistant hinge bar, and 6 large, 1-inch bolts (60% bigger than traditional safes) to protect the safe and its contents against burglars. It is designed with an adjustable 5" deep organizer and a tray that can keep even your smallest of valuables organized during storage. It also has a door pocket, a key rack, and a compartment for small items. These added features makes storage more organize and offer more room for additional valuables. It measures 18.6 x 23.8 x 23.8 inches and weighs 238 lbs. definitely quite a heavy and sturdy vault you can keep for many years.

A fireproof home safe can of various size and have a number security features. But when looking for the best hand safe, you also need to consider the name that the product represents. For instance, safes coming from the leader in the industry are most likely to stand any test and customer reviews, hence you won't have any difficulty comparing or even deciding to get one from such manufacturer. Like the SentrySafe HD4100CG. This safe was actually designed specifically as a fireproof document safe and received over 50 customer reviews that most indicate a favorable acceptance of the product. It will protect electronic documents, your paper files, as well as your guns. It is designed with an in-lid holder for DVDs and CDs.

The Fire Safe waterproof is a high quality vault where you can store your documents and other valuables at home or office. The HD4100CG model is UL classified and provides half an hour proven fire protection. It is also ETL verified for half an hour fire protection for CD's, DVD's, USB drivers and memory sticks to up to 1550F. This safe is also ETL verified waterproof. Moreover, it comes with a privacy key lock and an in lid holder to conveniently store CD's and DVD's in it. If you are shopping for a fireproof home security safe, there are a number available in the market. You have to make sure you know all the features that the product is offering and has an immediate access to its sellers or manufacturers like the customers of Sentry Safe.

First Alert 2072F is a top quality anti-theft safe that comes with a great price. It can provide you with good security for your valuables as it is designed with a programmable digital lock in its heavy-gauge steel construction and two live locking steel door bolts. In case of a battery failure, you can use the emergency override key to bypass the digital keypad. Four AA batteries are included in each package. It comes with an adjustable shelf, a handy key rack, as well as an interior that's fully lined with carpet designed to keep moisture away from your valuables. The First Alert 2077DF Anti-Theft Safe has a capacity of 1.2 cubic feet.

It is designed with an interior dimensions (HxWxD) of 16 in. x 12.13 in. x 10.75 in. and exterior Dimensions (HxWxD) of 17.25 in. x 13.25 in. x 15.19 in. which is adequate enough to store a number of valuables including electronic devices and your hand guns. With a 70-lb pound weight, it would not be easy to move this safe around, so you can be assured that anyone who would try to break it open would have a difficult time doing so. If you are planning to buy a good safe for your hand guns, you can be sure that this is a sturdy gun safe you can keep for years to come.

This is not your ordinary gun safe. It may look and feel like any other book, but its design makes it far more useful than any other book that you can store together with other books in your bookcase. It is the best place where no one else would think that it is something else. The Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with lock key is an innovative design made, as the product name implies, to divert the attention of those who might be looking for what's inside the book safe. It's very ingenious and quite handy. No one would think you are carrying important documents as well as valuable jewelries, or even a handgun when you have with you a book styled safe.

This unique safe allow you to keep your valuables together with other storage and places in the house- the last few places a burglar would spend time looking for your valuables. These units may just be better than a locked safe and also a thousand times cheaper. The book measures 2.25 x 6 x 9.5 inches and provides an interior storage area that measures 2 x 5.6 x 9 inches-- just big enough to fit quite a number of small items. It has a blue book cover and a title printed on it. Its locking mechanism is a simple key lock set inside the hard cover. Outside it looks like a real English Dictionary.

Another interesting, proven to be a reliable, and sturdy gun safe is the SentrySafe H0100 .66 cu ft Waterproof Fire Chest, a security box that offers both fire and water protection. You can store your passport as well as other sensitive documents and valuables, such as your handguns in the SentrySafe Fire chest. This portable fire safe offers 30 minute of fire protection at up to 1550 degree Fahrenheit. You can also keep your important CDs, DVDs, memory stick, USB drives, or other electronic devices inside the SentrySafe fire chest to protect them from getting damaged or stolen. It is designed with a carrying handle attached to the safe that makes it easy and convenient take the safe anywhere you go.

This waterproof safe is also designed with a privacy key lock that ensures that the content stored inside it is safe. The SentrySafe H0100 .66 cu ft Waterproof Fire Chest has passed international product safety standards and is ETL verified and UL classified safe. Customer reviews on this product reveal that the safe has delivered what is expected of it to provide. This product offers a superior water and fire protection for your most valued documents, heir looms, media, as well as your guns. A better alternative if you consider shopping for a sturdy gun safe any time soon.

From a trusted name of security and protection products comes another innovative and reliable model, The Sentry Safe SFW123DSB 1.23 cubic feet fire safe. This safe is designed with combination lock that is specifically designed to protect your media, important documents, and other valuables from fire, theft, and water. It offers an advanced fire protection with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) classification for fire endurance of up to one hour at 1700f/927c. It is also Edison Testing Laboratories (ETL) verified to protect your DVDs, CDs, USB drives, an even memory sticks from fire for up to an hour. Sentry safe also guarantees that you will have an additional benefit of ETL verified water resistance for as high as eight inches of water for up to 24 hours in case the safe has been submerged in such a condition.

Several tests made by similar reviews prove that the safe and its contents remain intact, with the lock still in place, even after subjecting it ti a 15 foot drop. Moreover, this Sentry Safe product offers an additional protection not found in many models available in the market at this price point. In addition, with the 13.8 by 12.6 by 11.9 inches of interior space in the safe you'll have plenty of room to store your valuables. It can hold multiple handguns, a good number of documents, as well as a few electronic devices. Even with its great interior it is still just right to have it installed nicely in any closet or corner space with a weight of 90 pounds and a 19.3 by 16.3 by 17.8 inch exterior dimension. It comes with a year of limited product warranty.

Like most brands promising a secured vault for storage, Protex Safe Co., a leading manufacturer of gun safes and drop boxes since 1991, offers a line of well-engineered vaults. Among the products that they offer is the WS-1814E Electronic Wall Safe. This wall safe is an excellent option for home and business use. It is designed with a quick and convenient access, an easy programming system, and quite sturdy. Installing between two wall studs is easy peasy. This vault comes with a velvet interior for a great plush look and feel and for the needed protection from moisture inside the vault. The keypad for the access is flush with the safe's flange. This allows you to conveniently hang a picture over the safe to conceal it from view.

More features comes with this safe that makes it a reliable and convenient way to store and access your valuables. For instance, its door has a hidden lock to open the safe with a mechanical override key (a package contains two keys).This key may be used only when batteries are dead or keypad is not functioning. Four AA batteries are used to power up the keypad. The package also includes a power override box that can power the safe from the outside when the batteries need to be replaced. The safe's door is spring loaded and will open by itself after the correct code is entered. It has two removable shelves for easy storing and more storage space. It is also made of heavy duty gauge steel and with a 5/18' formed steel door that makes it quite sturdy and difficult to open using hand tools.

Securing your valuables, including your firearms will be easy and worry-free with the Amazon Basics security safe. With this compact safe that offers a 0.5-cubic-foot load capacity and having a dimension of 13.8 by 9.8 by 9.8 inches (L x W x H), it can fit in a number of valuables including legal documents, passports, jewelry, cash, as well as your firearms. With the quality of work that this sturdy gun safe presents you can be assured that your valuables will remain intact and secure any time. Now you can have the peace of mind that you need knowing that what you value most is kept secured.

This safe is made of hard steel and anti-scratch carpeted floor that will keep moisture away from your valuables. It is built with a re-programmable digital access and two override keys to make access to the vault easy and secure. Its two live-door bolts and pry-resistant concealed hinges that make the safe almost impenetrable and at best difficult to pry off. It has an adjustable interior shelf and mounting hardware for a more convenient storage. With the Security Safe by Amazon Basics, you can store up to four handguns. You can also be assured that upon installation of the safe, it will remain immovable as it comes with a four-point mounting design to give you more options on how to install the safe.


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