Verifi Biometric Safe Review

We review the Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe: a medium sized and secure storage solution that does everything you expect and more.

First, You Need to Know This

Gun safes are the best way to ensure that your home remains protected while keeping access to that protection to those who are best trained to use them. That is why in choosing a gun safe, the key is how reliable they are in providing access to your guns and other valuables.

The Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe is one of the better ones we have tested. It not only works reliably and safely, but also accurately in how it recognizes fingerprints. The biometric gun safe also works as quietly as it possibly could, which is a plus for those of us relying on the element of surprise.

We feel that, as gun owners, we should have that kind of reliable protection for our weapons in place, and this fingerprint gun safe satisfies all our concerns. Hopefully, with this review, you too will have an idea of how this safe will help you and satisfy your need for information to make a choice.

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Pros & Cons

Things to consider when looking at the Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe

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  • It is easy to set up and is usable in five minutes or less.
  • It is generally quiet in its operation, promising fast access to firearms.
  • Its elegant design makes it a good addition to one's home.


  • The lock motor makes some noise in operation, so it is not quite stealthy.
  • There is a very rare chance of false positives or false negatives, as a couple of users have reported.

Features & Benefits

Fingerprinting Made Safe

Most fingerprinting systems on fingerprint gun safes rely upon standard optical biometric readers, which are not quite as accurate and may have a higher chance of false positives or negatives. These either mean they recognize unauthorized prints or refuse to recognize authorized ones at times. The Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe relies upon a different kind of biometric system, which does not use classic optical scanning. Instead, its memory stores 3D images of fingerprints and retrieves them to check if the scanner picks up an authorized print. This, the manufacturer promises, leads to a higher level of accuracy in recognizing prints.

What this means for the user is that they have a better chance of opening a vault and retrieving one's firearm more easily than before, where they sometimes have to enter prints multiple times to get in and often do so leaving a mark on the scanner, thus decreasing its accuracy. While we agree that the scanner is definitely accurate on the Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe, we still need to take precautions and to make sure that the fingerprint scanner remains clean after opening the vault. We note too that the memory is low compared to other biometric gun safes, which we will talk about again shortly.

User Management Options

Most fingerprint gun safes do not have options for deleting or managing users in the system, and a full system reset is all that one effectively does by way of user management so that prints can be entered in the system. The Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe, however, has something different in store for users. Apart from the easy set-up, which allows users to start using the biometric gun safe in minutes, the system also allows the main user (let's call this one the administrator) to do things such as add and delete users without resetting the system. The administrator can also check logs of when the vault was opened.

The advantage of this is that administrators at home can assign system privileges, such as that of resetting the system or managing users in the event of an emergency or when a user needs to be replaced for whatever reason. The downside is that vault owners have a few more things to learn, but one need not worry. The Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe has a set of user tutorials and a manual to help navigate folk through the complexities, if any, of the user administration system that can handle up to 40 registered fingerprints and give users more control over this vault.

Courtesy Light Makes Finding Guns Easy

One problem that most users of fingerprint gun vaults have is groping for guns in the dark, especially since most home invasions happen at night and the element of surprise is quite important. The Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe solves that problem by providing a courtesy light, or more precisely an LED light that switches on when the door is opened. The courtesy light illuminates the interior of the vault so that one can retrieve the weapon, close the door, and use the weapon easily without fumbling in the dark for one's handgun or other like weapon, thus maintaining the element of surprise.

Another way that the Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe maintains the element of surprise is through the operation of the biometric gun safe's motor. It is whisper quiet, though it makes a very slight click and a whirring noise, which should remain unobtrusive. The advantage is that it opens the vault automatically without the user having to swing the door wide open, unless they have to access it with the provided manual override key that is standard with almost all fingerprint gun safes these days. As we will discuss, the vault's motor also plays a role in keeping the safe from not remaining secure in another way.

Tamper Proof Alarm and Autolock Feature

Keeping a vault open after retrieving a handgun may not be a good idea, especially when one either keeps more than one handgun or has valuables stored inside such as jewelry, documents, or other such things. The Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe has a measure to prevent this. If one leaves the vault open for a given period of time, the gun safe will automatically close on its own by the same motor used to open it. This ensures that your guns and valuables stay protected from possible home intruders even after you retrieve your handgun and try to ward them off.

Another way of warding off anyone not allowed to do so who tries to open the Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe, is to set off an alarm. This is a feature that comes built-in with the biometric gun safe. This means that if anyone tries either to use the biometric scanner and is not authorized, an alarm will go off. It will also go off if anyone who is not authorized to do so tries to alter the settings or tries to reset the vault's system altogether. This will warn owners in particular about children or curious houseguests who may want to play with the vault, which is never a good idea.



We talked about four things that make the Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe unique. The first is its fingerprinting system, which relies on a 3D scanner rather than a classic optical scanner for high accuracy. The second is its user management system that allows owners flexibility in controlling who can use the vault. The third is the device's courtesy light, which illuminates the interior, and the quiet motor, working together to provide an element of stealth. Finally, in order to protect the vault further, there is the auto-lock system and the tamper-proof alarm that goes off with unauthorized access to the safe.

We recommend the Verifi Smart.Safe Biometric Safe for anyone who wants to have a safe way of storing one's weapons and valuables without worrying about whether their fingerprints will register. It has a high degree of accuracy and provides relatively quiet access to one's weapons in the event of an emergency. We trust again that all this information we have provided will make you consider carefully what choices you have in making a purchase of a biometric gun safe. Thanks for reading and we hope that your home will stay safe, secure, and happy knowing that it is protected.

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