In Wall Gun Safes: One of These Top 7 Options May Be Yours

An in-wall gun safe is one of the smart options you need to consider when looking for a secure box for your guns and other valuables.

What You Need To Know

Many lives have been devastated whenever an unexpected turn of events claim lives and properties that may have been secured earlier. Because of these events, many have sought for the best ways to keep their homes and their loved ones safe any time. As the demand for security products increase with the heightened crime rates, so does the number of brands and models that innovate and design appropriate additional security features that can complement existing security products inside the house. For instance, the security boxes where you can keep your personal pistons may be kept.

Gun safes come in various types, sizes, and names. A number prefers one type over the other, and considers the gun safe size and weight, others the shell strength and wall thickness, the locking device, etc. Still, there are those who may think that a home safe is unnecessary. But if you consider the number of reported crimes every day, you will note that countless properties and families find their properties all gun. So, if you are still undecided whether a security box for your pistol is necessary, think again. Consider the number of brands and models that are available for use, including the top 7 in wall safes that this list contain.

The Biometric Wall Safe from Barska can be accessed using a technologically advanced fingerprint identification system. This makes it easier to safer when you need to be totally silent when an unexpected visitor comes in to pay you a visit. This safe's BioSecure biometric device is designed with an optical scanner that helps to promptly analyze the scanned fingerprint and compare it to unique characteristics of those already stored in the device's 120-fingerprint memory. This Biometric Wall Safe is designed to be recessed into the wall, hence appear flush against the surface. This design makes it easy to conceal the safe within the back of the door, a window panel, at the back of a photo frame

In addition to the built in fingerprint recognition technology, this safe is secured by two motorized steel deadbolt locks. Other features that also make this in wall frame to be one of the most favored type of in-wall frames: a secondary access keys, two removable shelves, pre-drilled mounting holes, and protective floor mats to prevent moisture and other pollutants to affect the quality of the valuables inside the box or safe. Its total dimension is 15.5 Inches x 3.73 Inches x 20.75 Inches, and weighs 28.8 lbs. As this is not your ordinary sized in-wall safe, you will be surprise to know that it can fit several valuables in it.

You might have thought of storing your valuables in a safe deposit box. This will not be a great idea for most of your valuables, as you might need one from those that are already kept inside the box once in awhile. This may eventually prove to be a bigger problem, especially if you would be needing what's inside the box right away. But with Protex, one of the trusted brands when it comes to security protection, keeping your valuables will never be a problem. Among the products that they have successfully introduced and have been tested by many is the wall safe. To install a Protex wall safe, it needs to be drilled into your wall, between studs

You can also install a Protex wall safe at home or in your office. All Protex wall safes come with a flange so that you don't need to re-plaster the walls. Wall safes can be opened by electronic or biometric lock depending on the model you choose. Its motorized locking bolt system will open its door automatically whenever a right combination is keyed in. This safe is designed to be installed between 16" o/c wall studs. It has a dual live motorized chrome bolts that measures 3/4', and two removable shelves for more space for your valuables.

You just don't take chance when it comes to you, your loved ones, and your valuables'protection. Fortunately, with the number of reliable security products available online today, your concern is limited to what will work best for you and your budget. But, then again, with adequate research you will gain the right knowledge to better understand why such product is better than another. Like what you will get from a snapsafe in-wall safe. The snapsafe in wall safe is a modular safe comes in pieces that are light enough to be carried anywhere, then quickly lock together exactly where needed. It offers the security of a traditional welded safe but without all the hassle and cost.

The Snapsafe in-wall safe is quite easy to install, conceal, and access. It can be installed between wall studs for permanent security of your valuables. Its pry resistant door keeps unauthorized people from barging in. It also allows both a digital access and a traditional key entry. It is made of 16 gauge steel with a heavy-duty 9 gauge door and finished with black powder coating. It helps maximize storage with its additional spring-loaded hidden compartment under the bottom shelf, a magnetic strip with hooks, as well as a magnetic document clip that are part of the product package. The total dimensions of this product is as follows: exterior dimensions: 23.5'wide x 17.75'high x 5.5'deep It weighs 32 lbs.

Still haven't find the right wall safe you want for your home or your business? Perhaps this brand and design can give you hope for a better and safer homes. This might just be the ultimate keeper of your valuables, including your pistons. Homak WS00017001 High-Security Steel Wall Safe is a between the Studs Wall Safe that offers the best quality service I will ever known. It is the only safe available on the market that is designed with a flush lock for easy concealment. You get the best features and have the peace of mind you are looking for, as with the Homak security product you get your money's worth.

For handguns and other valuables there's no more effective at the same time affordable way to go. Its four mounting holes are 16" on center that is used for placing in wall framing right between its two studs. It is built with tamper-resistant lock and comes with two backup override keys. A framed picture or poster can intuitively conceal the safe. It comes with a sturdy all-steel construction, a heavy-duty swing hinge door. It is 14 1/2 x 8 3/4 x 4" deep and weighs 4 1/2 lbs. Once you have installed the safe and have safely stored your valuables or your guns, you have more time to enjoy that peace of mind that now you have.

Whether you are looking for a burglary safe or a gun safe, a wall safe is always a great choice. A wall safe is any security box or vault designed to mount between the studs inside your walls. This is the kind of safe that you often see in movies, hidden behind picture frame, mirror, etc. Wall safes have a couple of pros and cons, and there are some specific buying tips which can help you to choose the best one. You won't need to worry about keys again, as this gun safe model requires no key but a special code to access what's inside the box. All you need to remember, however, is the code that you used when installing the safe.

It is made of steel and finished with powder coating. It measures 19'x14'x4' and weighs 37 lbs. The thickness of the steel is 1/8'Housing, 3/16'Front Door. To allow access to the door, when the battery operated lock codes are not functional, you can use any of the two keys that come with the package. LED lights and buzzers installed in the safe send feedback for each operation. Its power will timeout after three incorrect combination attempts.

The IWC-22 by Stack On is the safest way to store your guns. This cabinet is designed with the usability and comfort that all gun enthusiasts are looking for. In essence, you get the most with every penny you used to buy this intuitively engineered security product. Stack-On does not sacrifice cost for quality, as such, this cabinet has been approved by the California Department of Justice as meeting their standards for safely storing firearms. Stack-On's In-Wall Steel Full-Length and Mid-Sized Cabinets weigh about 16 lbs and 34lbs respectively, hence do not offer heavyweight security. It is made of all steel and features a welded box and a three point locking mechanism. This may not be considered tough enough but good enough to prohibit thieves from being successful in their goal as breaking this piece of steel will take longer than to have emergency responders to be on-site.

This in-wall safe allows a discreet, secure, and easy installation on walls. Each package includes two removable steel shelves for storing multiple items. The bottom of the cabinet and the shelves are lined with foam padding, which help protect your valuables. Its steel door has a three-point locking system that secures the door at the top and bottom as well as the opening side of the door. The external dimensions of the safe is 15-3/8"W x 3-7/8"D x 22-1/4". Overall, the product is a great place for keeping your valuables secure.

Stack-On, which was established in 1972 provides the following services: Tool Storage,Storage Organization, Garage Organization, and Secure Storage solutions for home, office, as well as industrial applications. Now, Stack-on offers a great variety of products to fit the needs previously identified. However, in the firearm and sporting industry, they are more popular for creating affordable steel firearms storage solutions which keep firearms safe from tampering and also offer a secure barrier to burglary and theft. Many have known Stack-On offers lightweight keyed secure cabinets.

A purchase of this in-wall safe includes a removable steel shelf. It is designed that the bottom of the cabinet and the shelf have foam padding to keep your valuables from moisture and rust. The steel door has a three-point locking system that secures the door at the top and bottom as well as the opening side of the door. The total dimensions of the vault are as follows: External Dimensions: 15-3/8"W x 3-7/8"D x 54-3/4"H, Internal Dimensions: 14" W x 3-7/8"D x 53-1/4"W and weighs 32 lbs. Each purchase is covered by a three year limited warranty. A purchase also includes Free 52" Gun Sock to Protect your rifles from Humidity and Moisture. The bottom of the cabinet and the shelf have foam padding to protect your valuables.


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